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Dear Go-Getter,

If you’re reading this you are extraordinary because you’ve decided that being “average” isn’t good enough anymore.

You desire to live a life of abundance, success, achievement, love and happiness. A fulfilling lifestyle for you, and your family, that only a few people, achieve in a lifetime. I know the feeling.

If you’re ready to increase your confidence, sex appeal, success, popularity, and want to begin to live the life you’ve always dreamed of PLUS become the type of woman men rush to marry…then our emails may be the most important material you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

I have always strived for excellence and high standards. I imagined life would be straightforward, however many obstacles threw me off course.  My parents divorced when I was three, and my mother abandoned me as a consequence. My father was a good role model, and provided financially, therefore I was lucky to receive a great education but he worked so hard, I rarely saw him. This meant my older sister and mentor, Vivien Rose and brother brought me up – ironically while they were still growing up themselves.

Coming from an emotionally unstable childhood, meant I unwittingly suffered from a low self-esteem. It was only after falling into depression for a few years, after a routine Lasik eye operation went drastically wrong, and left me with dry eye disease, that I decided…


I was tired of starting goals and quitting before the finishing line, I was tired of ambling from one job to another, I was tired of making poor relationship choices, I was tired of competing with other women based on looks, I was tired of going out and getting hungover, I was tired of shopping – although I still love it – with nothing to show for it.

I wanted more for my life and I did everything in my power to learn how to get it, by confronting myself at ground zero, dismantling and rebuilding my self esteem to a level where I felt ready and capable to use my talents and skills to develop this brand.

I promised myself that if I was ever healed, I would share my journey and lessons with any woman who wanted to listen… AND I would empower her with wisdom to make choices that would help her find value and satisfaction in life. Fast forward to today…

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With absolutely no one but God and a mentor

I turned my life around, and created every single facet of BLACKCITYGIRL from scratch. I’m so grateful that in 1 year, we have amassed a community of 58,000 people on social media, in addition, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people, who have visited this blog, and shared our content, which has helped us set records!

FACEBOOKOne BCG Facebook banner received 500,000 likes, over 100,000 shares & reached 13.5 million in 72 hours.

And our first blog article ‘Top 8 Qualitites a Man Must Have to Make a Woman Happy’ has been shared over 3,000 times to date.

Read some of our email testimonials to see how people’s lives have been impacted so far

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. Testimonials remain intact

Wow…..I totally love the message about confidence. I’ve always been a girl who exudes major oozing confidence when surrounded with people but deep inside when am in the comfort of myself alone…I totally break into pieces. This piece has helped me think about me more and who I want to be. Thanks so much black city girl. ” Nik, New York

“Thank you so much for the lessons I call them them because every time I read them I learn some thing new.” Chelley, USA

“This is really great stuff 
thanx a lot Yvonne
 great work 
love it.” Sarah, UK

“Thanks for the articles you’ve been sending me since last week, am enjoying every bit of it…as every time I learn something new that I really need to know and they really inspire my life.” Blossom, Ghana

“Am enjoying your encouragements for I have been going through lack of confidence all my life.” Carol, Kenya

“Thanks very much! I appreciate n look forward to the next email you’re are the big sister I never had.” Sarah, Uganda

“These words are deep and they are going to really help me improve on my life, stick to my own choices and avoid peoples criticisms. Thanks.” Patricia, Barbados

“Thanks Yvonne for your time, I feel encouraged by your mails and your life experience has 

taught to be strong and hopeful in life. Thanks once again, hugs.” J, USA

“Am loving all the articles so far, they’re FABULOUS (snappin fingerz) thanks.” Dante, Atlanta

“Thanks so much for this motivational message, I have been looking forward to an inspirational and wonderful word like this, I thank God, you finally brought it on my way. I will forever be grateful to you for teaching me how to bring out the potential in me. Stay blessed!” Alicia, USA

“Am really blessed by these words, its really improving my life…big ups to blackcitygirl.” Fantasia, UK

“Awesome piece thanx for the encouragement.” Brenda, UK

I like the messages you inbox me. They answer my questions before I even raise them. Thank you very much. Laurence UK

“Thank you for sending this. I wish I could show you how you impacted my heart and the level of comfort this provided me but for now this email of gratitude will have to do. ” Joyce, Jamaica

“Thanks very much for your wonderful message. To tell you the truth 

“I was almost in tears before I could finish reading. It seems you were speaking to 

me directly and dat u know all my story.” Olu, Nigeria

“Am a great fan of your work and believe what you are doing is amazing and God sent. I look forward to your weekly guides.” Jeanette, South Africa

“Thank you so much girl!! That motivated me so much.” Brit, USA

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