One Year Anniversary: Our Story So Far

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BLACKCITYGIRL officially launched on 20th January 2013. What began as a blog with a small Twitter following has gradually turned into a global effort, with major support coming from black women right across the world, who have connected with us via social media, and continue to subscribe to our programs, and visit this website.

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The numbers are in

Over the past 12 months we have amassed:

  • A community of 58,000 people worldwide.
  • Hundreds of thousands of views on our blog.
  • Subscribers to our blog and email programs.
  • BCG’s articles and posts have reached a global audience.

This was all achieved in 365 days. With no big advertising campaign, no major interviews, no PR agency, no YouTube channel.


I’m excited that we have made it to one year

I’m extremely proud of our achievements so far. Don’t forget BCG was an idea that was started from scratch. Following the crazy success of our posts and quotes over the past 5 months click here if you missed that I feel we’ve done more than enough for humanity at this point, therefore I have absolutely no wish to replicate our first year. Though we’ll continue releasing posts, we have brand new challenges on the horizon.

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Thanks to my extraordinary mentor

I really don’t know what I would have done without her wisdom. She adds value to my life in untold ways, keeping me on track and in check. If it weren’t for her investment in the past year, none of this would have been possible. Saying a simple thank you just isn’t enough.

Unexpected lessons

Before envying anyone who has made it in your eyes, be mindful that they have gone through battles you have no idea about, and have paid a high price to be in that position. I now have a profound respect for entrepreneurs for this very reason, as building a brand from nothing into something, is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It requires humility as circumstances will change overnight. One day you’ll be on top of the world, the next will look like it’s all over.

Striving for your dreams also means discovering people’s true colors – something I wasn’t prepared for. It requires an astronomical amount of self belief, great sacrifice of your time and energy, coupled with sleepless nights, and of course no social life. When you add the fact that achieving success is only the beginning, and maintaining it is a completely different ball game – it becomes obvious that you really really really have to want it.

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It all began with one idea

Going back to basics, writing, communicating, reading, and creativity, are a few of my passions. Motivating and helping others comes naturally because of my own suffering. I know what it feels like to have no hope, and I enjoy sharing the steps I took to pull myself out of despair and regain confidence. The foundation of BLACKCITYGIRL and every accomplishment along the way has materialized because of 3 key factors:

  1. My desire to learn.
  2. My ability to apply the learned knowledge to my actions and execute daily.
  3. Our ability to outsource whenever necessary.

BLACKCITYGIRL was created for you to get ahead & succeed in the city

What makes us so unique?

The information in our articles and each of our products has been tailor made, to get you the results you need quickly. Our tips are no-nonsense, and easy to grasp. When applied properly, our advice will bring you success and nothing less! You will reach your highest potential in every single area of your life – relationships, confidence, business – simply because the City Girl who created this blog, applied the knowledge to her own life, and produced the results above. There really is no bigger testimonial than that.

‘BLACKCITYGIRL doesn’t need to use gimmicks to get your attention, because we speak the language of excellence and deliver real results.’

The fact is if you don’t start your dreams, you will never know the extent of your talents and gifts and how great you could be if you used them.

Getting ahead online is vital for your business

To have any iota of success, you must first drive traffic to your website, then impress your visitors upon first impression, to convert them into subscribers. Learning the tricks of the trade, will give you an advantage over your competition – ultimately leading to your success.

Do you run a:

  • Business
  • Blog
  • Venture of any kind

Get Your Business Into the Hall of Fame is a step by step manual to build your online presence from nothing to hundreds of thousands in 365 days. You will learn how to set up and run your website and social media accounts properly plus market and brand your business while gaining results quickly

In the past 9 months my mentor and I have helped 14 women via Skype to successfully

  • Brand and package their business properly
  • Communicate effectively with their audience
  • Convert your visitors into subscribers
  • Hire the best companies for outsourcing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:

  • Set up their social media accounts properly
  • Grow their social media communities efficiently
  • Understand the ongoing changes on each social media platform
  • Attract an audience of 50,000 people or more to their social media accounts per week

Testimonial from a human hair supplier based in Atlanta

Each woman has reported results within one month of their consultation with us

More testimonials available upon request

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Have your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, website ready, and we will literally walk you through everything you need to know. Don’t worry we can schedule the 2 hour call at your convenience.


 ‘Mediocrity does not deserve any space in your world. Being average is not the standard to aspire to. Have the audacity to be world class.’ ~ Yvonne Jane Lorraine

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