Relationships: 3 Reasons Why Real Love Is Worth The Wait

  They so cute 😩😍 1. Love is a gift A priceless gift. The sooner you start to view love as a gift that God gives two human beings as an expression of HIS love for humanity. You will feel less frustrated and more content in your singleness and appreciate that your own gift is coming soon. […]

Story time: Natural Hair Blogger & Army Guy Fell In Love At College After Pregnancy

Look at God a black couple with fruit on the tree Happily married for 10 years This couple proves when it’s God’s will no mistake or obstacle is too great. She is a natural hair blogger @mahoganycurls and he works in the army @jovahnthedreamer. They first met in college, when he was a junior frat boy […]

Relationships: 5 Ways to Stop Dating Potential

Photo cred: @damnrottenkid How to STOP dating potential Not going to take too much of your time know you have a busy week ahead mama nonetheless this is a post worth checking out because if you’re an ambitious black female, maybe you’re aiming for a graduate degree or you’ve just been promoted at work; now […]

Relationships: 7 Things to Expect While Waiting For Husbae

Photo cred: IG@Peniel_enchil On days you grow weary come back and read this 😩 Sure this topic has probably been covered but the challenges we face in 2018 are completely different to say 1916 where relationships weren’t as complicated. Beware: this post is real 1. There will be lonely nights Nights you wish you had […]

Relationships: 4 Lessons About Men From The One That Got Away

Photo cred: IG@donny_savage22 A few years ago I had the hugest crush on a guy 😍 My crush lasted for longer than I care to admit, he was tall, dark , a 9/10 in the looks department and I’m being realistic, he was beautiful. His skin was chocolatey, velvety smooth and his bone structure looked […]

Relationship: The Psychology Of A Grown Boy

Photo creds IG: @phresh_awt He jerked and a sudden rush of energy came over him as he released himself inside of her “Ooohhh” he moaned for a few seconds; he instantly felt more relaxed He slipped out of her and took a cold look at the woman in front of him. He was searching his mind […]

Relationships: 5 Ways to Date While Celibate

Photo cred: IG@pokagh Dating while celibate is not for the faint hearted A woman has to know her boundaries before convincing others she is waiting for sex. When do you tell him? At the beginning. Some may disagree, but what’s the point of leading him on? You don’t have to blurt it out in the […]

Editor’s Note: Will You Find The One?

Do I believe you’ll find love?  Heck yeah Like anybody else you probably go through periods of doubt, wondering if your expectations are too high, tbh stuff like ‘netflix and chill’ isn’t exactly encouraging. If you’re losing hope, here’s what I want to share with you: As I celebrate another birthday, and watch my 2 older […]

Relationships: 3 Ways to Accelerate Meeting the Man of Your Dreams

Get ahead | Succeed Have you ever wondered what steps you can take today to attract The man of your dreams? 😍 Let’s cut to the chase and reveal 3 steps you can take immediately, to shorten the time between today and the moment you meet your soulmate. Bring it on! 1. Emotionally connect to […]

The Disappearing Act: The Real Reason Why Guys Leave Great Girls

Get ahead | Succeed You’re usually composed, but this situation has gotten under your skin You’ve spent hours turning over events in your mind to figure out where it all went wrong? A few months ago y’all were cozier than a pair of squirrels in hibernation, yet today he is a distant memory He dropped […]

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