Relationships: 4 Signs He Just Wants To Smash By “A Man With Game”

What did we learn from “game guru” Mr Feliciano Collins Three women from the New York area have come forward with receipts after viewing our insta story this week. Feliciano tried and failed to trick them into bed, thankfully they had a narrow escape. Sadly thousands of other women fall victim to his game and […]

Relationships: 7 Ways To Wait Productively In Your Single Season

Photo credit: @Kirzart You’re taking time off the dating scene to heal and you’re single and celibate. Now what? Being single and celibate is not an end goal. Being single and celibate is not a pit stop until you get into another casual relationship. This may not be your first attempt. Last time, one man […]

Relationships: 10 Ways To Get Him To Chase You And Fall Hard

A woman who doesn’t chase, stands out, she is a prize and the right man ends up pursuing her, all the way to the altar He moves heaven and earth to impress her and uses his resources, his time and effort to meet her needs because to him, she is high value. He surpasses her […]

Waiting Season: 3 Legitimate Ways To Attract Your Husband

  Counterfeit season is over! Click here to get your t-shirt today, all sizes available Waiting Season: Ishmael Vs Isaac Storytime  “Hey Nicole have you finished yet, I’m waiting outside” that Friday evening an old friend came to pick her up from work to drive her to their high school reunion and as usual, she […]

Relationships: Top 10 Modern Relationship Statuses To Know In 2018

Nowadays dating mainly consists of texting, ghosting and mind games Once upon a time, people met, dated exclusively, and introduced each other to their parents before tying the knot. Not anymore and it’s no secret that relationships are complicated  Maybe you’ve been off the dating scene for a while and decided to dip your toe […]

Relationships: 15 Signs He Is Emotionally Unavailable

,,, Your relationship started off so well If we took a vote, you would see the bane of a woman’s struggles with dating in 2018 is the emotionally unavailable man. He is charming, fiercely independent, detached, unwilling to commit, distant, and even cold at times. He has no time or patience for romance or affection. […]

Relationships: What Type Of Relationship Are You? 1,2,3?

What relationship type are you? Type 1 You met in high school, while you were teens or in college, and fell drunk in love; being young and naive, you didn’t enter your relationship with an end goal in mind, which is perfectly normal since you had a lifetime ahead, but as soon as your relationship […]

Relationships: 3 Ways to Heal Your Heart

Pic credit Underneath the make up and beards Is a broken generation, walking around with heavy hearts, guarded, and unable to trust. Healing takes time, no-one size fits all, neither is anyone completely healed, but take heart there is hope and restoration for every type of misdemeanour, including those which cause the most pain. God’s […]

Relationships: Single Ladies How to Supernaturally Upgrade Your Love Life in 2019

God says you won’t be in the same place this time next year Single ladies 2019 is your year! 2018 zoomed by soooo fast…lesson learned. Are you are stuck in a routine? Work, gym, home, hair, nails, church, dating app and repeat.. How is bae going to find you in the bevy of single, beautiful, […]

Relationships: Should Black Women Date and Marry Down?

So just incase you missed it, some of our favorite black couples have split up in the past few weeks. Household names like Mary J Blige, who filed for divorce from her cheating husband and manager Kendu Isaacs, meanwhile Iyanla Vanzant quietly ended her 14 year relationship and more recently Queen of neo-soul, Jill Scott […]

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