Relationships: Single Ladies How to Supernaturally Upgrade Your Love Life in 2018

God says you won’t be in the same place this time next year Single ladies 2018 is your year! 2017 zoomed by soooo fast…lesson learned. Are you are stuck in a routine? Work, gym, home, hair, nails, church, dating app and repeat… Same here. How is bae going to find you in the bevy of […]

Relationships: Should Black Women Date and Marry Down?

So just incase you missed it, some of our favorite black couples have split up in the past few weeks. Household names like Mary J Blige, who filed for divorce from her cheating husband and manager Kendu Isaacs, meanwhile Iyanla Vanzant quietly ended her 14 year relationship and more recently Queen of neo-soul, Jill Scott […]

Relationships: 3 Reasons Why Real Love Is Worth The Wait

  They so cute 😩😍 1. Love is a gift A priceless gift. The sooner you start to view love as a gift that God gives two human beings as an expression of HIS love for humanity here on earth. You will feel less frustrated and more content in your single season and appreciate that your own gift […]

Story time: Natural Hair Blogger & Army Guy Fell In Love At College After Pregnancy

Look at God a black couple with fruit on the tree Happily married for 10 years This couple proves when it’s God’s will no mistake or obstacle is too great. She is a natural hair blogger @mahoganycurls and he works in the army @jovahnthedreamer. They first met in college, when he was a junior frat boy […]

Relationships: 6 Powerful Habits Single Women Should Try While Waiting For An Ephesians 5 Man

Photo cred: IG@sophadenise Some women are waiting for a husband other women wait on their God Ordained Husband and there is a big difference ladies Your God ordained husband is the man God will send in your obedience. Now that’s a tough one to swallow because you are essentially letting God take control of every […]

Guest Blog Post: Entertainment: Top 3 Benefits of a Break-Up

Get ahead | Succeed As women we often have the urge to be nosey and to compare ourselves to the next girl Guest blog post: Tiyani Majoko Whether we are running on the treadmill at the gym, standing in the queue at the supermarket or checking our make up in a mirror while in line […]

Relationships: 3 Ways to Accelerate Meeting the Man of Your Dreams

Get ahead | Succeed Have you ever wondered what steps you can take today to attract The man of your dreams? 😍 Let’s cut to the chase and reveal 3 steps you can take immediately, to shorten the time between today and the moment you meet your soulmate. Bring it on! 1. Emotionally connect to […]

The Disappearing Act: The Real Reason Why Guys Leave Great Girls

Get ahead | Succeed You’re usually composed, but this situation has gotten under your skin You’ve spent hours turning over events in your mind to figure out where it all went wrong? A few months ago y’all were cozier than a pair of squirrels in hibernation, yet today he is a distant memory He dropped […]

Guest Blog Post: 6 Ways to Set Yourself Apart From Other Women

Get ahead | Succeed Don’t look down at the place you are in life Work with what you have to achieve what you want You can’t do anything about your past but you can affect the present to change the future Guest blog by: Diary of a Sassy Career Woman When anyone asked me what […]

Swirl: Do White Men Prefer Dark Skinned Black Women?

Get ahead | Succeed Full length video: swirling isn’t for everyone Since BW/WM have the lowest divorce rates in the IR [Inter-racial] category Swirling is a viable option, aside from Black love, for women to get married and build a family in their prime It’s interesting to hear this man’s comments on the type of […]

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