Fashion: 6 Autumn/Winter Trends Men Love

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love It’s no secret, one of the main reasons guys look forward to Spring/Summer is to check out the hot girls wearing shorts, dresses, small t-shirts and skirts. What guys sometimes fail to notice during the colder months is that hot girls are still around! So I thought I’d […]

Top 5 Most Wearable Trends For Spring/Summer 2014

Now that you have scooped up more than you bargained for in snow, and the sun is finally here, it’s time to update your wardrobe and pull out some of your hottest pieces from last year! Guest Post: Gerena Gregory PEEK-A-BOO   The crop top has survived the brutal winter, and made a triumphant comeback […]

Fashion: Is Lupita Nyong’o Bringing Sexy Back?

Guest Blog by: CEO & head stylist of House of M.E. fashion styling Melissa Eppinger It’s about time our new Hollywood IT girl gets a write-up… Lupita Nyong’o dazzling in Gucci at the Sag Awards. Appealing, alluring, confident, stimulating Made popular by Justin Timberlake, the phrase “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” has often had me wondering what it actually means […]

Fashion: Adara Leigh of London: A CEO Taking Luxury Fashion to New Heights

It’s easy to spot talent, but it’s rare to come across a woman with an acute business acumen to match. Meet British born, Meroe Bleasdille, the founder and director of luxury accessories brand, Adara Leigh of London. A dynamic and educated black woman, with her finger firmly on the pulse. I came across her gorgeous collection […]

Fashion: Top 10 Online Shopping Sites Every Fashionista Should Know About

Make a decision already Ever found yourself trawling the stores from back to front, for what seems like forever, searching for a specific item of clothing without much luck? Either nothing fits or looks right, your stomach starts groaning uncontrollably, or your shopping buddy suddenly decides they’re “tired” (meaning they would rather be anywhere else […]

Success: Sophia Grace Clothing Line – Is This Ghanaian Lady the Next Big Thing?

SOPHIA GRACE is talented! You’ll find it hard not to marvel over these eye catching pieces, quite simply because they’re stunning. It’s not often we can point to a label which encapsulates, exactly what real women want to wear. Yet this young Ghanaian lady from London, UK, is one of a few female designers to grasp […]

Career: 5 Ways to Dress to Land Your Dream Job

Want to be taken seriously? Guest blog by: Gerena Gregory A few months ago, I walked into a corporate building in Manhattan, and literally gasped when I saw a young lady, in her early twenties donning the tiniest black miniskirt, which looked more suited for the club! As busy as the foyer was, everyone – from […]

Fashion: The Top 6 Most Wearable Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 fashion trends are here! Indeed, it’s my favorite time of the year, not simply because of the extra Vitamin D, but moreso for the fact that, sunshine gives us an excuse to whip out our sexy prints, and take on a brand new persona, crucially while remaining anonymous behind dark glasses – be honest, […]

Fashion: 10 Investment Pieces Every Smart Woman Needs

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Vanessa Vernon has worked as a stylist for the best fashion houses – no less, and for countless professionals on a consultation basis. On first impressions you might think she’s just another stylist, but think again; this lady’s eye for detail is eagerly sought after by career […]

Fashion: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Shopping Spree

Imagine If you only had the clothes on your back left in your possession, would you still value yourself in the same way? During a lifetime, the average woman will own literally thousands of material things, yet all of us are born naked with nothing but the skin on our backs. The significance of this […]

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