Anatomy of a Hater: 14 Signs You Are In a Selfish and Toxic Relationship

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love A narcissist only cares about himself He sees the world as “Me” the great, wonderful, fabulous, amazing, irresistible man.  Against “the world” sub humans, inferior, weak, pathetic creatures. You cannot reason with him How do you reason with someone who twists the facts and has an aversion […]

Relationships: The Strengths and Challenges of Being a Single Mom

I’ve been divorced for seven years exactly. Guest Post: Miya Brown.  I don’t consider myself a “single” parent. Yes, I do raise my two daughters in a household that involves only one adult. But it takes a village to raise kids. Even if the mother doesn’t have her own parents around to help, a village could […]

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