Video: 7 Ways to Feel Confident When You No Longer Feel Attractive

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love “I Think I’m Ugly” I feel depressed when I see my reflection in the mirror. I’m the girl that guys talk to in order to get closer to my girlfriends. I feel as if I get rejected at school and work because of the way I look. […]

Meet Great Guy: Seun From New York: What Do Men Look For in a Woman?

We’ve all dealt with grown boys so let’s hear what a real man has to say  “I’m Nigerian and born and raised in New York” “People were under the assumption I would be a product of my environment, it’s safe to say I’m not even close. Financially I’m comfortable and I’m in my early thirties. […]

Watch Our First Video: How to Get a Man to Notice You

Today is the first day of the countdown until the official release of our first download [with an email everyday] In this post we’re sharing the first email and video [sent out earlier today] with tips on how to get a man to fall in love with you According to this article: The Love Struck Male: Half […]

Guest Blog Post: 3 Surefire Ways to Get a Promotion at Work

Diary of a Sassy Black Woman I’am an ordinary 24 year old Black girl living in a big city, I love numbers and no surprise I ended up an Accountant, I didn’t always know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I like politics, I’m a TV junkie and I love to read […]

Relationships: How to Deal With Men Who Pull Away Emotionally

Everything was cool, you guys were speaking daily, texting every few hours, sharing childhood memories Laughing into the early hours of the morning Then out of blue, he began to pull away, contacting you less, to do his own thing with no explanation? Almost every woman has experienced the panic and uncertainty that comes along when […]

You Voted: 5 Ways to Spoil Yourself During Your Single Season

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Your votes were counted and here’s the verdict  5 Ways to Spoil Yourself During Your Single Season After your manis, pedis and blow dries, what next? 1. Forgive Yourself For any mistakes you’ve made in past relationships. People often touch on forgiving others, but forgiving yourself is equally […]

Watch This Video: 12 Signs He’s Serious About You? A Checklist

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Men change when they are ready to change, not when a woman tries to change them Hey Loves, I’ve been under immense pressure to finish our first download Finding Love Online is about rebranding your image online, in order to motivate men to notice you, choose you, commit to […]

Relationships: 10 Clear Signs That He’s Into You Girl

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Oooo girl I think he likes you We’ve discussed: 10 Ways To Identify He’s Falling in Love With You Here & Top 10 Ways to Freak Him Out Here Before all of that good stuff, he’s going to give you an indication he’s interested; clear signs that he […]

Insecurity vs Confidence: Why It’s Important to Fall in Love with a Confident Partner

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Insecurity  versus Confidence We are all insecure in one way or another. We all have areas of our lives in which we aren’t 100% confident. There is nothing wrong with that. It is an important part of the human experience. Insecurity vs Confidence is a vast subject, so […]

Editor’s Note: Ladies Speak Your Truth Even if Your Voice Shakes

So I’m Yvonne, people call me Yvonne in real life I’m introducing myself To anyone who may have joined us recently. Welcome! Make yourself at home. Leave a comment, find us on social media, and feel free to send us an email anytime: Unless you have the patience of a saint, you probably haven’t […]

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