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Our Philosophy

A Black City Girl is a woman who desires the absolute best out of life. She refuses to settle for anything less and is always seeking out ways to be extraordinary. She embraces her heritage and thrives from loving relationships. She is curious by nature. She has a strong work ethic yet knows how to have fun. Ultimately she aspires to reach her fullest potential in her own time and on her own terms.

What makes BLACKCITYGIRL unique?

This lifestyle blog is an all-inclusive guide to everything a modern woman needs to know to

“Get ahead and succeed in the city.”

From career, relationships, fashion, hair, beauty, health and fitness, to success stories and entertainment. We have it all here for you! Our job is to provide an environment that will facilitate you to become the best person you were born to be.

Launched on January 20th 2013

Every woman in the 21st Century strives to be significant in her own way, but how can we accomplish greatness when millions of us reside and work in the city? We can stand out by changing our mindset because if we think and behave as everyone else, the best we will achieve is to become the same as everyone else – average.

For The Black Woman

We can triumph in every aspect of life IF we make good choices. However, we can’t always make favorable decisions alone. In order to truly prosper and be happy, we need to surround ourselves with supportive people as well as a positive environment. At times, achieving the right mentality just isn’t possible in our personal life.

So stop by for sisterhood, encouragement, inspiration, knowledge, glamour, a little gossip and a healthy dose of common sense and we’ll discuss how you can remain a cut above the rest in a no nonsense and engaging style.

BLACKCITYGIRL covers every topic a Black woman might deal with worldwide. We are dedicated to producing new and quality content and we will listen to your responses. Come and join our community as your voice needs to be heard now.

The premise of this blog is to

  • Give A-Z relationship advice
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends
  • Offer wisdom and motivation
  • Supply you with the best health and lifestyle tips
  • Entertain you
  • Provide a positive environment

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A few words from the creator of BLACKCITYGIRL, Yvonne Jane Lorraine:

Tumblr“In a nutshell, I love being a Black woman. I adore writing, traveling, fashion, sport and learning new things. I’m an avid reader. I have a crazy sense of humor! I’m passionate about creativity. I celebrate individuality. I’m outspoken. I want to make a difference in this remarkable world. I believe in respecting others and looking after my mind, body and soul. I strive for excellence and challenge others to reach for their best as well.”

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