Relationships: 7 Ways To Wait Productively In Your Single Season

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You’re taking time off the dating scene to heal and you’re single and celibate. Now what?

Being single and celibate is not an end goal.

Being single and celibate is not a pit stop until you get into another casual relationship.

This may not be your first attempt.

Last time, one man came to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and BOOM you got sidetracked into a relationship for two years.

So this time we’re going to PLAN.

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7 Ways to Wait Productively In Your Single Season

1. Purpose is obedience

God doesn’t necessarily need you to know your full purpose. You genuinely might not know your strengths, but you do have ideas.

Luke 12:7 says God knows how many hairs are on your head. That feeling in your gut is a clue and is God given.

Take the first step. God honors every baby step you take towards your ideas, no matter how trivial.

Walking in your purpose is a journey. Your purpose is revealed as you move

2. Purpose is serving 

Proverbs 3:6 says acknowledge Him in all of your ways. Listen to His voice. God never lays out the complete plan for your purpose incase you run ahead of him, but if you listen He gives you enough vision to get started.

Besides, if he revealed the magnitude of your assignment, chances are you wouldn’t begin. Take the first step. You will be amazed at how accurate His predictions for your life are.

The question isn’t what is my purpose? The question is will you get closer to God so He can reveal a strategy for your life

3. Purpose sets you apart

When God has a plan for your life you will be separated from friends and family. This means you can’t hang out or date just anyone. Take the first step.

Most men you used to entertain will be cut off instantly. Simply put, they have no plans for the future and you can’t afford to be unequally yoked.

4. Purpose is sacrifice

It takes a lot out of you! You won’t always be passionate about your purpose. You may be a gifted singer, speaker, stylist but you will have periods of stagnation.

You might not always feel adequate or qualified. You might fear failure. This is natural. Take the first step. As you begin to have doubts, God will meet you where you are.

Sis today is a good day to start being productive

5. Purpose is preparation

Be willing to move when God says move.

Don’t spend so much time planning and preparing that you miss the window of opportunity for your assignment. Take the first step. You don’t need perfect circumstances to begin.

6. Purpose is unique

Someone else may have the same message, same idea and be more popular but nobody can deliver your purpose like YOU.

The market isn’t too saturated. So don’t be intimidated by what others do. More importantly don’t compare your chapter 1 to their 20. STOP it. Take the first step. There is room for you.

Purpose is Galatians 5:22

7. Purpose is giving your best

PSA: Purpose means you will make mistakes.

We all have busy lives, kids to look after and careers, so do what you can. The more you give to your purpose, the higher you will prioritize your purpose.

No time is wasted because you will learn a tremendous amount along the way and that will help you to make money in the end.

Walk in humility

There is a blessing in your obedience

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