Waiting Season: 3 Legitimate Ways To Attract Your Husband



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Waiting Season: Ishmael Vs Isaac


“Hey Nicole have you finished yet, I’m waiting outside” that Friday evening an old friend came to pick her up from work to drive her to their high school reunion and as usual, she was running late.

As she began to reapply her make up and perfume by her desk, a Facebook friend request appeared on her computer screen, and out of curiosity she clicked on the icon, to see the name, “Damascus”

She was puzzled, but couldn’t resist tapping on his profile picture to look closer, although she failed to recall who he was, she still found herself pausing on each photo, to take in his breathtaking physique – he was handsome.

And the bonus was, they had a few friends in common. She threw caution to the wind, once she read his message “Will you be at the high school reunion tonight?” he asked, she smiled and accepted his friend request.

“Yes” she replied “Will you be there?”. “Yes and I can’t wait to see your smile” he added.

Their exchange was unreal, as she knew little about him, yet felt strangely excited at the prospect of meeting him later that night.

As soon as she entered the venue, she saw him. He was much taller in person. He didn’t waste any time in offering to buy her a drink.

For the rest of the night they were locked in deep conversation, and she learned he was five years her senior at school, and he lived three blocks away from her, he was a computer programmer, and by sheer coincidence knew her pastor.

He took her number and promised to call the following week. For the next couple of days, Nicole was buzzing.

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But as the days progressed, feelings of doubt crept in. Damascus didn’t call. She was prepared to take matters into her own hands, nothing crazy, just a short message along the lines of “Hi hope you’re well”.

A week later, as Nicole was falling asleep, her phone vibrated, and she rolled over and pulled up her sleeping mask, it was 01.17am, when she read the text out loud, “WYD baby, it’s Damascus you’ve been running through my mind all day”.

She re-read his text several times, her initial reaction was what in the world had given him the impression she was a booty call; it was then she realized she had two choices.

Would you entertain or cancel bae?

Like millions of women, Nicole was confronted with her Ishmael, the man before the promise. Her test came in the form of a handsome and familiar spirit. Your counterfeit will also appeal to you.

Unfortunately some women stumble over this test and date Ishmael for years, or don’t let him go emotionally or even marry him.

And after making ultimatums, and the ensuing disappointment from trying to force a relationship, they lose hope that Isaac exists. When we multiply this experience several times, we get an essence of how she feels.

You will meet the right person unexpectedly, while you’re busy and happy.  You won’t be looking for a relationship


Counterfeit season is over! Click here to get your t-shirt today, all sizes available 

 3 Legitimate Ways to Attract Your Husband 

1. Stay Busy And Happy

Schedule your spare time with activities you love to do. Occupying your mind with productive thoughts, helps you to heal quickly as well as lifting your spirits.

Boredom does the opposite, where you start to feel sorry for yourself, and focus on what you don’t have, while getting impatient with God, which opens the door to distractions sent from the enemy. We’ve all been there.

If you’re struggling in this area, make a list of the items that you were supposed to do on your New Year’s Resolution list. You wanted to reconnect with old friends, travel, attend that conference, go back to school, start your business, sis come out of your comfort zone!

2. Do Your Father’s Business

A wife in waiting is found visibly serving God in her purpose. Men are visual.

The majority of women compete for male attention using their sex appeal. You can only imagine how many sexy women men see, so trying to attract your God ordained husband into holy matrimony, using seduction is futile.

Sometimes the man of your dreams is on the next level of where you need to be

A man with a husband’s mindset is building, saving and worshiping in his single season.

His rib will automatically attract him when she is doing her assignment. Sis have the audacity to be different, knowing you will also grow in confidence and value.

3. Submit To God And Get A Support System

Seek the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness and everything shall be added onto you.

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Proverbs 11: 4

A family without a father figure, is the perfect breeding ground for counterfeits as there is no male covering. Relationships in these dynamics tend to be kept in the dark.

As nobody is consulted, these unions are outside of God’s will. God is asking you to lay your relationships on the altar. When you meet someone, tell your support system. Be accountable to others. And above everything, pray about it.

Counterfeit season is over! Click here to get your t-shirt all sizes available


 7 Clear signs He Is A Counterfeit

Test His Spirit Here


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