Relationships: Top 10 Modern Relationship Statuses To Know In 2018

Modern relationships

Nowadays dating mainly consists of texting, ghosting and mind games

Once upon a time, people met, dated exclusively, and introduced each other to their parents before tying the knot.

Not anymore and it’s no secret that relationships are complicated 

Maybe you’ve been off the dating scene for a while and decided to dip your toe in to see what there is to offer, and you’re undoubtedly confused about these new relationships rules, like…one moment you’re his world…next he’s high key ignoring your texts while posting on the gram. You know how it is. Le struggle.

The question of “what are we?” has probably crossed your mind more than once.

Plus everyone gets caught up sometimes, out of loneliness and boredom

Modern relationships 1Here’s a breakdown of 10 modern “relationships” in no particular order

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1. Friends With Benefits

FWB’s aren’t actually friends. Quite the opposite since FWB’s is a couple who prefer sex over commitment and want to avoid being seen together in public. The jury is out on whether FWB’s catch feelings.

2. The Side Chick

Sadly some side chicks get a kick out of tearing relationships apart. Although, the majority of  women are kept in the dark and end up being a sidepiece without their consent, which is enough to make her question whether she can trust again.

3. The Open Relationship

Expect threesomes and hardcore activities in the bedroom, in an attempt to spice up your sex life. Being in an open relationship is bound to cause competition and comparison between his main chick and side chicks, and you will never be his one and only.

4. The Sugar Daddy

Usually an older man buying a much younger woman’s body. Monogamy is unlikely in this arrangement, as she probably has a boyfriend and he might be married. Money is the common denominator.

5. Texting and Talking

He chills with whoever allows him. Don’t expect to go out on an official date. It may feel like your relationship is slowly progressing towards being exclusive when in fact you are delaying commitment altogether.  You can’t build a meaningful relationship through texts.

6. The Booty Call

Make no mistake, he has zero interest in your personality and vice versa the only time y’all talk is when he’s asking to hit. Just don’t go catching feelings okay.

7. The Place Holder

If any relationship status is painful it’s this one! Placeholders spend years in their prime going with the flow, as boyfriend and girlfriend, paying rent and raising kids, until he leaves and marries another woman, sometimes within 6 months. Smh.

8. The Back Up

When his first choice is busy, he’ll call you, the back up. You might have suspicions you are his second choice since his contact is inconsistent. You won’t hear from him for weeks, then suddenly he will call you ten times in one day to make plans for later that day.

9. The Baby Mom

He claims he doesn’t want a relationship with the mother of his children, yet keeps dealing with her. He’s got her emotionally tied, while he enjoys his freedom, and the child in the middle is the one who suffers most as they break up and make up endlessly.

10. The Rebound

He rants about his ex on the first date and at the same time praise you. You might be flattered but he will soon start to criticize you, as he low key resents women. It’s not personal he just needs time to heal and become emotionally available, which is why rebound relationships are a train wreck waiting to happen.

Can you identify with any of these relationships?

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave us a comment.

Until next time,

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