Relationships: What Type Of Relationship Are You? 1,2,3?

What relationship type are you?

Type 1

You met in high school, while you were teens or in college, and fell drunk in love; being young and naive, you didn’t enter your relationship with an end goal in mind, which is perfectly normal since you had a lifetime ahead, but as soon as your relationship grew serious, your situation became complicated.


Rather than communicating you argued and he dealt with the pressure by distancing himself which is around the time you both agreed to take a break

Right now, you can best be described as on and off. With all of the time invested, maybe there are kids (s) involved, a miscarriage or an abortion, it’s safe to say, you are afraid of starting over, in spite of the tears and hours spent confiding in friends.

There is something special about your connection. He’s your best friend and gets you in a way nobody else does. She understands you on a deeper level. After almost a decade, it is make or break time, both of you have spoken about marriage, and it may happen, deep down that’s what you hope, although he likes the way things are. Watch this space.

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Type 2

You guys randomly met recently and your relationship was the adrenaline rush you needed. First off, he looks great on paper and he is physically your type, and while the chemistry was sizzling, lately your relationship has cooled off , although he calls and texts, the conversation remains on a surface level. That said, there are some promising moments, which give you a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe you belong together.


You feel like a million dollars in his presence but it’s almost as if he’s a stranger when you’re not around which makes you doubt the future

When he’s happy, for instance after sex, he reassures you that he wants to build a life with you, then after a few days, he acts non committal. There might be kids in the picture, but one thing is for sure, before you say “I do” you will most likely move in together because there is no way, you’re marrying anyone without living with them first.

As time has passed familiarity has bred comfort and you’re coming to terms that, with him, you may never have the type of relationship you envisaged growing up.

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Type 3

He sees you in the same place or field going about your business, and instantly recognizes qualities about you that set you apart from other women. Coincidentally, for the first time in forever, you are healed from toxic relationships, and not hung up on your ex plus, you genuinely don’t feel any resentment in your heart towards men.


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You are busy and happy, and not looking for a relationship and BOOM you meet him unexpectedly

To be honest you have a hard time taking him seriously when he tells you he sees a future with you, as you are content in your singleness, and if he doesn’t turn out to be consistent, you will live. You’ve come too far in your healing, for a man to knock your confidence.

Your air of ambivalence prompts him to become more urgent to prove to you that he is the right man for you. To protect your heart, you decide to wait for sex, still within a few months he is talking about how many kids he wants, and introducing you to his friends and family.

In hindsight, you realize he didn’t take long to propose and you began building together straight afterwards, by investing in your first home, and he often tells you jokingly, that he was quick, because he knew you were the one the first time he laid eyes on you.

Ever found yourself experiencing one type of relationship repeatedly?

Given enough time each relationship type leads to some form of commitment


Nobody needs to tell you how devastating heartbreak is

After giving your youth, energy, womb, and honoring a man that never officially honors you, and who then turns around and dishonors you, by moving on with someone else in a blink of an eye.

Whatever relationship route you take is your choice

BUT next time be intentional

Plenty of couples meet in high school and college and fall deeply in love. Others meet randomly and end up settling down. In general, relationships before a couple is twenty five and established in life, tend to have a longer dating phase.

All 3 relationships types are valid. God on the other hand, has a different criteria, He only recognizes relationships within His Will and inside a Covenant.

He knows your end from your beginning

Before you enter your next relationship first consider the outcome and future you want, then give the rest to God. Love is a risk. However you have full control over what type of relationship you enter next time round.

If your next relationship is gonna be your last one.

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  1. I completely agree with your last point.
    I’ve made the mistake of not thinking about the kind of relationship I want before and it leads to nothing but heartbreak.
    You just have to place your future in God’s hands.
    He knows best.
    Kelle –

    • blackcitygirlofficial says:

      Thanks for your feedback lady! Who hasn’t made that mistake, men and women have been there, done that, we got awards and memorabilia halls full of lessons, lol. Have a wonderful day.

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