Relationships: 3 Ways to Heal Your Heart

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Underneath the make up and beards

Is a broken generation, walking around with heavy hearts, guarded, and unable to trust. Healing takes time, no-one size fits all, neither is anyone completely healed, but take heart there is hope and restoration for every type of misdemeanour, including those which cause the most pain.

God’s got you

If you are broken, you don’t need another relationship with a man, you need a relationship with God. Let Him shape and mold you back to new. Below we describe unforgiveness in all of it’s ugliness so you can vividly see how much harm it inflicts on you and your future.

Unforgiveness is like a cancer

Which grips the heart and rots into the soul, infesting what someone believes to be true in relation to others, the worst part is, it steals years away from many of us, and at the same time blocks our blessings and stunts our growth.

Unforgiveness hinders prayers

God is trying to reveal who He has in store for you but you insist on holding on to what hurt you. You have built up walls around your heart to protect yourself which also do the opposite by shutting out everyone with the right intentions, including God.

Unforgiveness is self abuse

You are punishing yourself and your best romantic future because of someone’s actions in the past, who let’s face it, probably moved on without a care in the world.

It started with offense: someone offended you, which erupted into anger and the seeds of anger grew into resentment, which is now a stronghold in your heart.

Unforgiveness is malicious

If unforgiveness was only aimed at the one who hurt you, it might be okay, many times however, that is far from the case, as the anger is aimed at anyone who enters your life. There’s no telling when the person will lash out.

Unforgiveness turns good men and women away

In 2019 we are starting off as we mean to continue

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Corinthians 13:4: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

True forgiveness is not waiting for an apology

True forgiveness is to forgive and FORGET the details of the offense

True forgiveness is to cancel the debt

3 Ways to Heal Your Heart

1. Admit you need to heal

The willingness to admit, is the first step in starting to heal, from the inside out. Listen being in denial is only prolonging the process and will keep you in the same place for another year.

Can you afford to waste time? You have desires, like having a family, getting married, finding your purpose and coming out of depression, these goals can’t be fulfilled until you say “YES I need to heal.”

The process isn’t easy, as it means being vulnerable and exposing your pain to allow God to be a physician and spiritually operate to remove what has caused damage, until you are brand new.

2. Fast and Pray

If only forgiveness and healing could be achieved purely through the physical realm, perhaps we would all be in a state of happiness, with our desires at an arms length! Some of us are fine on the surface, but still remember every detail of the offense – as if it was yesterday.

Oftentimes life becomes a series of “almosts” because though you are happy, you can’t quite trust people even when they prove otherwise, and you can’t be one hundred percent vulnerable, maybe you get annoyed easily, or are hesitant to get close to anyone incase they hurt you again.

If your desires are always just out of reach, there is usually a spiritual blockage

Fasting and praying on specific scriptures especially when you sense a relapse is the best way to cleanse your system and renew.

3. Forgiveness is often beyond human capacity

Forgiveness is the only route to truly heal; and it takes a lot of courage to let go of a grievance that irks your soul, the pain is often buried, yet immense, like a weight on your shoulders, sometimes there is no other way but to let God assist! Jesus had every reason not to forgive yet He did.

Only God’s grace and mercy can relieve the way you humanly feel

The years spent reliving that moment is an indication as to how deep your wound really is. In closing our prayer for you this year is that you let go and FORGIVE and watch how your blessings and bae roll in! When they do, please send us a DM or email and tell us your 2018 testimony.

“Forgiveness is not only about others, but also about our own spiritual growth”.

We received a testimony about the power of forgiveness.

God bless,


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