Relationships: 3 Reasons Why Real Love Is Worth The Wait


Love 1

They so cute 😩😍

1. Love is a gift

A priceless gift. The sooner you start to view love as a gift that God gives two human beings as an expression of HIS love for humanity. You will feel less frustrated and more content in your singleness and appreciate that your own gift is coming soon.

Genesis 1: 27-28 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.

Isn’t it amazing how we can buy our babies DNA and surgically enhance our bodies, yet to this day nobody can buy love, you can’t manipulate your way, sex your way, cook your way into someone loving you.

They decide upon their own free will to sacrifice and love you on your good days and worst days, when you’re happy or irritable, on your pretty days and fat days, through sickness and health.

You are worthy of being loved

From your baby hairs, all the way down the small of your back to the tips of your toes. Your stretch marks, moles and dimples. The fact you’re slightly dyslexic and your eye sight isn’t as good as you’d like, your stutter, and your cackle.

The way one breast is bigger than the other and your legs and arms jiggle, your weight, your complexion, your imbalanced features, your stomach and your butt. Every attribute is beautiful and perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

Love 2

2. Love is divine

Imagine if you missed your flight and spent an extra night abroad and decided to go out for dinner, and a man who lives locally booked the same restaurant and your tables were next to each other.

You get a call and he hears that you work in the same industry and afterwards strikes up a convo to say he’s been working on a similar project, next thing you know you guys hit it off and by the end of the meal, you exchange numbers.

Unknown to you the man you met the night before enjoyed the convo so much he feels compelled to call you the next day to make sure you caught your flight this time! Wait a minute! Realistically you guys should never have met.

Love is DIVINE maybe it isn’t for us to understand “Why?” or “How?” but for us to enjoy. Even if you learn every detail of someone else’s love story, yours will be different.

Be expectant

Attracting love into your life has less to do with ratios, facts and stats and more to do with your belief system.

Love 3

3. Love is a spirit

How do you recognize the spirit of love? Through your relationship with God. God is love. Once you see signs of God’s spirit in your romantic interest, signs in his actions like consistency and sacrifice for instance, you can sense whether someone truly loves you.

Men fall in love quickly and make big statements about how they feel at first yet they don’t always follow through, whereas women tend to fall in love gradually, so pace yourself lady, you might think he’s the one nevertheless take your time and get to know his character to see whether you can trust him 100% with your heart and pray, pray, pray for discernment.

Promise one thing

Once you receive this wonderful gift, you never EVER take it for granted because it is special! The one GOD SENDS will love you like no other and they don’t have to, they do so because they want to.

God has not forgotten about you

God loves you so much! He doesn’t favor anyone above you, Which basically means you have every right to receive His blessings. His qualification isn’t based on looks or education the only prerequisite to receiving your gift is being a child of God that alone makes you a worthy recipient of love.


Be patient your time is coming soon

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