Story time: Natural Hair Blogger & Army Guy Fell In Love At College After Pregnancy

Look at God a black couple with fruit on the tree

Happily married for 10 years

This couple proves when it’s God’s will no mistake or obstacle is too great. She is a natural hair blogger @mahoganycurls and he works in the army @jovahnthedreamer. They first met in college, when he was a junior frat boy and she was a freshman.

There was an instant attraction between them, still they remained friends, casually bumping into each other around campus, until 6 months later when he added her on Facebook and they started messaging and calling each other..

One day they hung out properly and after many hours of talking, they quickly became official but their love story took an unexpected twist when she accidentally fell pregnant in the first few months of dating.

Both of their families were disappointed and some of their friends were judgemental. In a short space of time they found themselves having to lean on each other for support, and as their world was falling apart, he proposed and 10 years and two kids later they are sharing their story and wisdom with us:

Click here for their YouTube channel 

3 takeaways from this story that will enhance your dating life foreva:

Be friends first

Start your next relationship being friends first. They had their own lives which allowed their relationship to blossom at a slow pace, they avoided sex and developed a connection based on friendship. Had they met and had sex straightway without those few months to lay a foundation, they may not have been able to overcome the obstacles ahead. Discovering she was pregnant may have scared him and driven them apart rather than bringing them closer together.

Smile and practise kindness

Be kind to men who deserve it (even when you don’t feel like it.) Wait did he just say her smile captivated him?! She was easy to talk to! Ladies what he fell for without even knowing was her femininity. We spoke about this on Insta last week click here if you missed that.

Time out for the mean mug, “smile” be “warm”, “friendly” and “vulnerable”  when a guy offers to help you, don’t shake him off like a bad smell 😂 accept his offer. And if you’re feeling yourself ask for help, men love it! Your hair and make-up doesn’t have to be slaying to be feminine. You will be amazed how this small tweak changes how men react to you.

Get you a man who has your back

Be with a man who takes responsibility for his mistakes. Notice he didn’t bail on her or blame her. How many guys in your phone have your back when you go through problems? Seriously most of those guys want to get in your pants yet not one of them can stick by you in times of trouble or even say “sorry” with sincerity. He took control of the situation and stepped up for his child!!! He didn’t leave. One way to judge a man is by his willingness to take responsibility in tough times (when it counts).

Singles click here for encouragement while waiting on your husband 

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  1. “Accidentally fell pregnant”? I’m glad it worked out for them, but I wouldn’t advise oopsing into parenthood as a prerequisite to love everlasting…

    • blackcitygirlofficial says:

      Great advice Susan! You’re right this story shows that couples go through trials, as long as they repent and do things properly (God’s way) it can work. Being friends first is the best foundation to start a loving relationship.

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