Relationships: 7 Things to Expect While Waiting For Husbae

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The one

On days you grow weary come back and read this 😩

Sure this topic has probably been covered but the challenges we face in 2016 are completely different to say 1916 where relationships weren’t as complicated. Beware: this post is real

1. There will be lonely nights

Nights when you just wish there was somebody by your side to let you know everything will be okay. God did not make man to be alone, and so men and women experience loneliness to a certain degree, especially if you live in a big city.

It’s this feeling that causes us to do spontaneous things in order to comfort ourselves without really thinking of the consequences like shopping, casual sex, watching porn but those highs are short lived.

The only way to soothe the emptiness is to get closer to God my love, throw yourself into your purpose and get a hobby or two, something that you can become passionate about, that way you can fill the void for longer periods plus you will grow as a person.

2. Men are going to come at you for sex

You already know how it is, some guys expect sex upfront, “Okay I took you out on a date now open your legs”. Don’t be shocked when the guy from church comes at you sideways, nowadays some of these dudes don’t know better.

Men brought up 10+ years ago were a different breed

There are certain questions they just didn’t ask a lady, at least until they’d proven that they could be responsible.

Now that sex is everywhere, it seems as if it’s no big deal

Make no mistake ladies, sex is VERY important to men. They will do anything for it, of course they’re gonna front and tell you differently. That’s just what men do and they do it to get that coochie. In reality your body is the highest price you can give a man aside from giving your actual life.


3. You’re going to want to date people out of boredom 😒

You might find yourself accepting dates for the free food, or tagging along with your friend to the club to go pick up guys or surfing dating sites for eye candy loool (been there done that) and once you swap numbers you’ll find after a couple of conversations… you’re catching feelings.

See women aren’t built like men, it’s hard for us to talk and message someone everyday and not think about that person alot. That’s what’s so dangerous because often these guys aren’t even attractive and you wouldn’t choose them to be your husband but you end up making lifetime connections by falling pregnant all because of boredom. Honey it’s not worth it.

4. You will meet more than a few Ishmaels who front like they Isaac

The type of guy that ticks all of your boxes, says everything you want to hear except this guy is going to lead you astray and tempt you to do things against your will. He is the smooth talker that everyone thinks is legit, perhaps he’s funny, has money in the bank, a couple of degrees or is poppin on Instagram yet behind the facade he lacks character.

His charisma makes him hard to let go girl we’ve all been there!!!

It is important to have discernment and pray about the person you are interested in as God might reveal something that will save you from heartbreak.


5. Your friends will get married before you 😬

Be happy for them. This isn’t a competition sweetie. You are just as beautiful and worthy. No matter how hard it is for you in this moment go and compliment that friend that just got married. Your soul will feel so much better. One principle of life is in order to get what you desire, you must be able to be happy for those who get it before you. There’s no such thing as a bitter wife. Your turn is coming.

6. You are going to need moral support

There are some marathons that are hard to complete alone. That’s where your sistas come in, there are women who are newlyweds, women who have come through abuse, women who are just getting divorced and their voices matter, why? Because we can all take away a little bit from their experience. That type of encouragement is priceless as it will get you through those days when you feel like settling.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you

It has never been harder to believe in love, getting to your end goal has a lot to do with your company and the mind set of those around you.

7. Chase God and your love life will fall into place

This is the hardest part. He promised you your hearts desire that’s a 10, yet you keep taking the wheel and steering it in your own direction towards a 5. As women we can get so anxious we end up settling. Don’t let time make you doubt what God promised you all along.

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  1. Great post

  2. Love your work

  3. I’m sorry, but this advice is the reason the church is filled with single women into their 40’s. How about – be the person you want to find. If you’re not attracting the man you want, look inside & fix yourself. Learn a new skill, take a new hobby, become more interesting, volunteer for causes you care about, etc.

  4. blackcitygirlofficial says:

    Thanks for reading guys and your feedback !

  5. This is exactly what I needed, thank you! So important to keep trusting God no matter what life throws at us and in his perfect timing things will happen.

  6. Wow….God bless you…i will like to post about your site on a blog I manage if you don’t mind. I love this kingdom posts. Please contact me via mail…

  7. Wowww.. thanks for this

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