Relationships: 6 Powerful Habits Single Women Should Try While Waiting For An Ephesians 5 Man

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Some women are waiting for a husbandFeature blog

other women wait on their God Ordained Husband

and there is a big difference ladies

Your God ordained husband is the man God will send in your obedience. Now that’s a tough one to swallow because you are essentially letting God take control of every aspect of your love story. You don’t get to choose, where, when, how you two meet or what he looks like, or how much he earns, because you’ve entrusted your desires to God.

Can you handle that?

If you are in full agreement in your heart, that God is going to be your matchmaker, overseeing your love story from beginning to end, and not a dating app or a website, loool, you’ve come to right place, as we’re going to discuss:

5 powerful habits a single woman, can adopt to recognize her Ephesian 5 Husband…are you ready?

1. Pray

Sure most of us are praying for Boaz to hurry up, and while it’s natural to be impatient, we also need to pray for spiritual discernment, so that we may recognize Mr Ephesians, aka the one when he arrives and set him apart from other men in order to avoid going down a path guided by our flesh.

On top of that please ask for clarity that your purpose in life compliments his, and that you are the right helpmeet to fulfil his destiny…here’s the caveat …without compromising yours.

2. Have a teachable spirit

Whether we want to be successful in business or a relationship, having a teachable spirit works wonders for progress and getting ahead.

Problem is, some of us think we know it all, and to our detriment as we continue to make basic errors in relationships.

It is difficult to make it through any chapter of life without a mentor, a guide, a manager, a book or some sort of direction. Study the word and be open minded to new ideas. Try not to let past pain or bitterness cloud your willingness to receive info.

3. Be optimistic about the future

God always follows through on His promises. Now stop second guessing whether or not you’re going to get married and assume you will. Start using assertive language like “When I become a wife” rather than “If I become a wife” and you have no idea how much that will impact your mentality and your end result. It’s all due to your subconscious baby.

4. Prepare to be a wife 

What does it take to build a solid foundation for a relationship? How do you transition from the single life to married life? How do you go from having a single mindset that takes no-one else into consideration to being part of a couple where every decision includes someone else?

There is no better time than today to start figuring out these questions.

5. Talk to married couples

We can minimize challenges by speaking to married couples directly especially those who have been married for decades, as they have endured enough to drop some pearls of wisdom. We also get to watch how they interact and respond to each other. Awww!

6. Why do you want to get married?

To understand whether you are truly ready to become a wife we need to think over what our real motivation for marriage is? Married life is a lot more intense than those memes on Instagram LOL.  Your role as a wife in the context of a Godly relationship is to help your husband pursue his life purpose (ministry). And to serve each other.

In some respects it is a gift and a chore as we have to do things when we don’t feel like it like housework, cooking, sex. Of course, marriage is an honourable goal, all we’re saying is your single season is the best time to prepare.

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In the meantime here is a wonderful series by a young Godly couple on their road to marriage called:

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Until next time God bless 💕

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