Relationship: The Psychology Of A Grown Boy

Photo creds IG: @phresh_awtGrown boy

He jerked and a sudden rush of energy came over him as he released himself inside of her

“Ooohhh” he moaned for a few seconds; he instantly felt more relaxed

He slipped out of her and took a cold look at the woman in front of him. He was searching his mind for a name and he realized he couldn’t remember her name. They had spoken at length over drinks the night before, and now he lacked any interest to hear what she was saying. He began dozing in and out of sleep – blacking out soon after.

At 7am his alarm went off, ugh he struggled to shut it down. In spite of a hangover, he had a faint hard on, but he pushed all his dirty thoughts to the back of his mind, as the last thing he needed was to risk waking her up.

What he was trying to avoid were the inevitable questions that would arise from their one night stand. He had to get out of there fast, so he quickly jumped out of bed and in the process his foot accidentally stamped on her cat’s tail. The cat jumped up and squealed, which petrified the hell out of him as his neck swivelled in her direction.

Thank goodness she was still sleeping, he wiped beads of sweat off his forehead and swiftly got changed. Outside, he shook his head that was close, he thought and started the long journey back to his crib.

As he approached his front door an hour later, his phone started vibrating, his first guess was the girl he had just left was calling him; she was the sixth woman he’d smashed in the past two weeks, and here she was already chasing him, he mused with a cocky smirk.

His face quickly sobered up after swiping his screen though; it was his baby mom

This time she was calling about money. He had a love-hate relationship with her; although he adored his six month old daughter Shania, he deeply resented the fact he would be attached to this woman for the rest of his life. Most of the time, he tried to forget about it, but this whole episode, had traumatized him. They barely knew each other yet she had fallen pregnant after only the third time together. He assumed she was taking precautions and when she announced she was keeping the baby – he felt betrayed. He replied to her text in four words, she texted back asking how he was, he ignored her.

His boy Daniel hit him up straight after and reminded him about his b’day that night.

Yeah he was down for whatever but he still had a few loose ends to tie up from the night before


He decided to touch base with another hottie that caught his attention 

They hadn’t spoken much because he was caught up in conversation with the girl he had smashed from the bar, still they did manage to swap numbers. He saved her contact as N, and sent her a text, apprehensive that her number might be fake, within minutes, she replied.

After mentioning the free table and drinks, he told her to bring some friends, she accepted.

In a final text he asked her to spell out her full name, saying he might change her last name if she behaved herself, that line always worked on girls

About 15 seconds later he saw her full name along with a 😜 emoji

From that moment on, he was sure he would smash Natalie

Later that evening, they met outside the club, her eyes lighted up as she bound over and squeezed him with a hug. She spun around in a seductive manner and asked him what he thought of her outfit, all he could see was her nipples and her butt squeezing through her dress, and he could feel himself getting aroused, but it was early, so he played it cool and gave her a few compliments.

Inside he introduced Natalie and her friend to his boys, almost immediately she started flirting with the whole table, while gyrating to the music and swaying her hips. His game plan was simple: in order to take her home, all he needed to do was keep her champagne glass topped up.

His moves worked perfectly, for most of the night, he kept one arm around her waist and the other held a bottle of alcohol to ensure she remained tipsy. Before he went home, he roamed the club to see if there were any other sexy women worth hitting on.

Meh he wasn’t impressed, with that he made a beeline for Natalie again and whispered in her ear that he only lived 10 minutes away, that she should come back to his for an after party.

She agreed. He couldn’t believe it was so easy.

Annoyingly the friend tagged along. Moments later all three of them were outside his place, as they arrived he saw 3 more texts from his baby mom, he ignored them. They made their way inside and he put on some music and asked them to dance, he didn’t waste time in kissing Natalie while her friend watched in the living room. Without asking, Natalie beckoned her friend to come over, while she undid his belt and knelt down to handle business. He started groping her friend and within minutes he felt himself exploding inside Natalie’s mouth.

The rest of the action was a haze of both women rolling around naked

After he was finished, he gave them 10 bucks to cover half of their journey, he was concerned that his mom might catch them in her house if she came home from her night shift.

As Natalie was leaving she looked back and said call me.

Flashes of his baby mom trapping him popped into his head, what kind of relationship was she expecting after what just went down with her friend.

Yeah I’ll be in touch he thought, the next time I need head.

He crashed on his sofa and stared at the ceiling, whereas he should have been satisfied, instead he felt empty and lonely, the one thing he craved was having someone he could relate with.

In the past month he had rekindled a friendship with Taneisha his college crush on Facebook

They instantly hit it off via messenger talking and laughing into the wee hours of the morning. Even though they had seen each other and spoken on the phone, he didn’t try and run game on her. He asked her to be his girlfriend, and she flat out turned him down. He stuck around because he liked her as a person, plus being rejected actually fuelled his attraction further.

Things were more complicated than ever since he had a six month old with another woman, on the other hand he wanted to be completely honest with her, and as he was staring at the ceiling, he couldn’t contain himself any longer. He spontaneously called her  at four am, and asked her to lunch the next day. She was up for it. He was ecstatic.

 Over jerk chicken and rice and peas, he opened up and confessed everything

All she did was listen to him pleading


When he finished, she told him she would court him on one condition: she wanted to be the only one

What she didn’t understand was that she was asking him for the biggest sacrifice he had ever made. He was in bondage to sex yet he was almost certain if he didn’t try to shake his temptations he would lose her forever.

To be continued…


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  1. Kay Murphy says:

    OMG you going to leave us hanging like that…

  2. This was soo good, whens the next part? lol keep up the good work

  3. Kiarra freeman says:

    Can’t wait for the next one

  4. lakeishag76 says:

    I was hanging onto every word! This is a great read. Looking forward to the next piece.

  5. I will definitely be waiting for part two! 🤓

  6. blackcitygirlofficial says:

    Thank you sooo much for your comments Kay, Iamaboutfaces, Kiarra 😃 sincere apologies 😌 for not responding sooner. Part 2 is coming up soon. x

  7. Did u leave us hanging??OMG!cant wait for the next article

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