Editor’s Note: Will You Find The One?

Do I believe you’ll find love?

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 Heck yeah

Like anybody else you probably go through periods of doubt, wondering if your expectations are too high, tbh stuff like ‘netflix and chill’ isn’t exactly encouraging.

If you’re losing hope, here’s what I want to share with you:

As I celebrate another birthday, and watch my 2 older sisters’ love stories unfold, I’ve seen that there’s nothing about love which says you have to prove yourself, or be perfect and have an unblemished past to receive it.

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They told my sisters that they should just settle

That their past mistakes disqualified them from being lovable.

Yet both of them are living out fairy-tale love stories that movies are made of, with honourable, financially stable, Godly men. Boom! Testimony! 😂

Both have hit rock bottom, and made a way under stressful circumstances, and just when they weren’t looking, love literally slapped them in the face. Lol. And you know what I’ve learned from their example?

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A big part of getting love is believing you are worthy of being loved

You are due your portion!

After putting a pause on my dating life, remaining completely single and celibate for over 3 years, I’ve had time to reflect, learn where I went wrong and exactly what it takes to get commitment.

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My next one is going to be my last one

I have no idea when my big love story will happen, still I absolutely believe that my happy ending is on the horizon. I hope one day you’ll come back and see the power of belief.

How do you like yours?

Suit or Swag: Suit

Handsome or Charisma: Charisma

Money or Ambition: Ambition

Affection or Gifts: Affection

Younger or Older: Older

Godly or Secular: Godly

Humor or Smart: Both


Until next time stay blessed, hugs Yvonne. 💕

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  1. Yayyy im glad to see you back!! I always come back to this blog to motivate me.

  2. Kay Murphy says:

    I look forward to seeing that I have a message in my inbox. Why I get so excited I do not know, but the information each time is great.

  3. Churmayne says:

    So glad to have come across your IG page and now this!!! I needed this, thanks!

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