Relationships: 3 Ways to Accelerate Meeting the Man of Your Dreams

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Have you ever wondered what steps you can take today to attract

The man of your dreams? 😍

Let’s cut to the chase and reveal 3 steps you can take immediately, to shorten the time between today and the moment you meet your soulmate. Bring it on!

1. Emotionally connect to your desires

That doesn’t just mean having a vision of the guy you want, but also tapping into the desires you have within.  This is a journey of self-discovery: What makes you excited? What do you really crave? What activities make you feel alive? – Apart from shopping. Ha.

Pursue your hobbies

Do you enjoy jogging? Why not join running groups? Or enter an amateur race for charity? And you’ll automatically come into contact with others on the same wavelength no? The more you connect to your inner desires, the more you’ll become a magnet for the type of men who possess the same energy and attributes you have.

Now I’ve seen this method work, not once but twice this year

Exhibit 1: A Hispanic friend of mine was single for eons, and got fed up with trawling night clubs for men, so she started traveling instead, going on remote vacations in her spare time. She took up photogrpahy as well.

That said, I was browsing Facebook recently, and lo and behold, I saw her, and her new boo looking cozy in Bali, replete with scenic pictures and romantic settings. Not only do they look eerily similar, they also share the same passions.

The quiet happiness on her face is a dead giveaway that this guy has serious potential. In addition, his FB page has travel pics from way before he met her, plus he’s tagging her more in their holiday pics than she tags him. Great match. 😍 Update they are engaged.

Exhibit 2: Is my ex-bestie [its a long story] anyhow she used to be super hyper about being single, and I remember encouraging her to try new activities [now I’m not responsible for her taking action] but she went ahead and started cycling, even going abroad to attend cycling events, and who did my sister see in her FB feed yesterday, cuddling up to her new bae who is also a sports fanatic.. my ex-bestie...

Barely a year after taking up a new activity


With that same “look” on her  face

Great match. 😍 Update they are engaged.

There’s something to this

2. Be incredibly honest about your current life situation

As much as it’s important to know what you want in a guy, it’s also vital to admit the discrepancy between where you are now versus the life you desire in the future.

Having hit rock bottom myself, and experiencing a few scrapes since then, trust me I know what it’s like to feel inadequate about your stage in life, esp when you compare yourself to your friends.

Albeit, when you numb the pain, and ignore your shortcomings, you reduce the likelihood of attracting your dream guy. Thus we need to face ourselves squarely in the mirror, feel uncomfortable and fight for the love life we deserve.

Remember Great Guys want a woman who is an asset not a liability

3. Find out exactly what is preventing you from getting the love that you crave

There are many behavioral traits that don’t mix with Great Guys, for instance:

  • You maybe stuck blaming men because of past issues you’ve had.
  • You may not feel confident enough to wait for sex, therefore he won’t be bothered to get to know your value.
  • You maybe too selfish, wanting your own way all the time. [That would be me]
  • You maybe too competetive, wanting to prove that you’re more than a match for him.

If you follow these 3 crucial steps right now, you’re guaranteed to shorten the amount of time, between your single status today and meeting the man of your dreams!

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