The Disappearing Act: The Real Reason Why Guys Leave Great Girls

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You’re usually composed, but this situation has gotten under your skin

emotional1You’ve spent hours turning over events in your mind to figure out where it all went wrong?

A few months ago y’all were cozier than a pair of squirrels in hibernation, yet today he is a distant memory

He dropped you like a hot potato, at least thats how it felt, as he mumbled a few feeble excuses that it wasn’t you, it was him

And in spite of your best attempts to get a worthy explanation, he’s been reticent, literally doing a disappearing act on you

You’ve suffered the shock, survived the anger, and though you’re still reeling from betrayal, you’re ready for answers

Why do guys leave great girls?

Male model

Okay here’s what you need to know about men

Deep down men fear losing their freedom

This fear often serves as the basis by which they make their relationship decisions

On top of that, most [if not all] men go through a stage in their life, where they want to prove that they can get loads of women. The premise being that sleeping around strokes their ego, and bolsters their need for approval.

It doesn’t matter how complentary his girlfriend is, nor how good looking she is, it’s got nothing to do with her, when he’s in that phase, he wants to experience other women fullstop. Therein lies the dilemma many young men face:

Should I STAY with this incredible woman?

Or LEAVE and chase after hot chicks?

Don’t get it twisted, most guys know you’re a good woman, they’re just conflicted between their higher nature and carnal desires.

Unfortunately the majority of guys choose the latter, and leave because they feel as if they need to live out their fantasies.

Arguably that’s where the problems begin, the sex addictions, STDs, and baby mama drama

There’s nothing wrong with men having pent up sexual energy, that’s how they’re supposed to feel; plus that’s what makes them different from women, and necessary for reproduction.

However men get much further ahead in life when they share their pent up sexual energy with one woman. Thankfully men who decide to stay, commit and get married, rather than leave, discover over the course of 5 years, that they’re in a better position:

  • Financially
  • In their career
  • They can buy a home and build a family
  • They get more respect from society
  • They get more homecooked meals, lol [they enjoy better health]

In comparison to their promiscous friends. They also experience more peace and stability, which is reflected in their longer life spans according to studies.

Both men and women need intimacy to be happy in a relationship

To take things to the extreme, when a man busts a nut for the umpteenth time after watching hours of porn, as arousing as that moment is, in the aftermath he experiences feelings of self loathing, and is engulfed with emptiness, because what he really craves is intimacy, and the presence of a good woman to share his euphoria with.

If you don’t agree click here to read hundreds of comments from men struggling with porn addiction.

Similarly, when a woman plays with sex toys, or hooks up with different men to get her sexual fix, in the aftermath she is filled with loneliness, because what she really craves is the intimacy, security and the strength of a good man.

It’s time to quit fronting folks, let’s strive for love instead of lust

How do you reduce the risk of a man disappearing next time?

  • Believe in love
  • Don’t rush into anything serious
  • Become friends first
  • Focus on nurturing and fostering a relationship filled with intimacy

Because we cannot experience the heights of love, without first taking the time to build intimacy.

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  1. Thanks for breaking this down, its interesting.

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