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Guest blog by: Diary of a Sassy Career Woman

When anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would change from one day to the next. One day I wanted to be an architect, the next a lawyer, the next an economist, the next a philanthropist, I never said doctor because blood makes me oozy, and my bedside manner would suck LOL

These answers stemmed from a need to be accepted in society, everyone had big goals and hefty aspirations, and I would be damned if I was the one to give a less than worthy answer.

But the fact is, those small things that make you stay up late on a Friday night, should be focused on.

Take a moment to reflect on your passion

Can you incorporate it in what you’re doing for a career?

“Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

yes as corny as it sounds, this is something that is applicable to real life

always remember the dreams that you had as a child

My first job was a Student Assistant in college

Not glamorous at all! For the most part, no one ever takes it serious as a job. Even though most Student Assistant’s won’t admit this, the time spent in the lab when there are no students to help is really spent goofing around or doing homework, basically, not taking the job seriousI was no different.

But there was one student, let’s call him D

Who treated every day that he came in like he was planning to do this for the rest of his life, giving effort, and being innovative and excellent in every task.

We started out at about the same time, and within months, he was supervising all the Student Assistant’s in the accounting department, and the professors were recommending him for all sorts of internships. Even before he graduated, he had an offer to run the International Students Society for the College.

Looking back on his journey to ISS director

He set himself apart from the rest of us by making a big deal of the small tasks.

So whether you’re working at a fast food store, an intern in a small company, a Fortune 500, or at a Mom & Pops shop stocking shelves, take it serious, and work with integrity, making decisions that are in alignment with your goals.

I recently met up with D for coffee and I was interested in understanding what motivated him at such a young age to be so driven and he let me in on a little secret.

He had always wanted to help international students

His parents had moved over to the States with him as a kid, and growing up he saw them go through several hoops. This gave him a purpose to make it easier for other international students to integrate into the new culture. He also shared some wisdom which I thought would be good to pass along, so here goes:


 1. Set goals

Goals give you direction, they are a tool to help measure progress, for what needs to be realigned and to re-evaluated.

2. Keep the goals flexible

As we grow, different things take priorities in life, and you may find that your goals change keep clarity on where you are and where you want to be. Life has a habit of not necessarily playing along with the schedules that we set I’ll be married by 26, CEO by 30, retired at 50 these are lofty milestones, but if they don’t happen when you think they should, don’t lose heart keep gpoinh.

3. Enjoy your journey

You don’t want to get to the final destination and realize you missed the all the important things along the way.

 4. Be deliberate

On so many occasions I have been guilty of assuming, hoping things will fall into place in due time, without making the effort required; perhaps you’re like me, thinking you are “entitled” to that promotion because you went to a better school, or because you’ve been at the job longer.

For some people that maybe the case but the majority of us, need to be strategic in getting ahead with no handouts. The harsh reality is that the professional)world is a modern day jungle, and it really is survival of the fittest.

5. What are you doing to set yourself apart from the competition?

The quickest way to get ahead is to invest in yourself and add value in the work place. Seldom does greatness fall upon us unexpectedly but it is going to take hard work. If it was easy, then everybody would be living the life they want to live now.

6. Be consistent

It’s easy to study for a test, but are you staying on top of your knowledge base? It’s easy to work extra hard at the end of the year, to impress your employers for the highest possible bonus, but how are you performing the other 11 months of the year?

Ironically it is the actions that we take while no one is watching, that build our character and affect hot far we progress in our career.

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is a medium where I can interact with like-minded ladies who are hungry to achieve in different areas of professional life, be it entrepreneurial, corporate, education, or stay at home parents, so that we can all journey onto success together.

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  1. Kayshaun says:

    thank you!!!! i love this. so needed right now im at school and for the longest time i have been a procrastinator, and i find it difficult to get anything done. this page has been bookmarked and favorited. more blogs like this please.

  2. Oh thanks for reading this post it is the best inspiration ever!!! Lol. Loved it too.

  3. Sassy Career girl more posts pleeeeaz it’s refreshing to receive posts like this I agree with what you do when you have a little determines what you do with a lot its the principle of life.

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