Motivation: 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Quit

Everybody wants to hit a home run

photo-100On their first attempt

But success doesn’t work like that

Successful people don’t have special powers

The principles of success are far more complex than talent alone

Let’s take a look at black beauty vloggers on YouTube

There are millions of black women who are good with hair, make-up, beauty

Yet on YouTube

There are approx 20 with over 300,000 + subscribers

There are less than 5 with over 500,000 + subscribers

Out of 7 billion talented people on this earth how comes there are only 5?

The answer is simple: they did not give up

Here’s what you’ll find behind every successful venture

Someone who continued moving forward in spite of rejection, fear, mistakes, failure, lack of support, few likes on social media, and when nothing made sense, and people in their inner camp were questioning their sanity, they still found a way to keep forging ahead.

“There are many careers [finance, fashion, acting, architecture, dancing, vlogging ect] still there is only one road to success”

Every household name from Richard Branson > Donald Trump > Karen Civil > to Beyonce, went through the same trials to reach the top

Granted they may not say anything, but that’s where it pays to read ‘biographies’ and ‘About Pages’ and ‘surround yourself with likeminded people’. 

When life stubbornly refuses to go your way, and opportunities come to a standstill, or perhaps others seem to rise effortlessly while you’re stuck in the same place; take heart that everyone who has ever strived to become more has experienced those negative feelings.

Wanting to quit is normal

Have no fear,  it’s human nature, especially early on when you’re enthusiastic and raring to go, only to begin and realize things are far more tedious than they first appeared.

For some reason, people seem most likely to give up around the 6 month mark, almost as if their ego starts whispering to their self belief that making it is reserved for “special people only” 

Remove those thoughts immediately

“The 6 month mark is when you must push through with all of your willpower and strength”

Besides, 6 months isn’t enough time to see how successful you’ll be. Give yourself at least 12 months before throwing in the towel.

Nobody has everything totally figured out

Organizations with big budgets still have to collect data, to figure out how to move forward. So rest in the knowledge, that we’re all human and trying to make a way.

When you’ve put it in all your effort and gain minimal results don’t get discouraged 

1. Success is about mental toughness above anything else

If you want success without risk, there’s no shame in going the corporate route, and collecting a phat pay check each month.

Otherwise starting your own thing isn’t for the faint hearted. Set clear long term goals early on, or else the drama and down side of your journey inc losing friends, lack of support, hate, and making mistakes, will definitely convince you to give up.

2. Replace feelings of inferiority with  confidence in your own skills

For every successful person online, there is someone out there who’s more skilled, but we’ll never hear of them because they probably gave up.

As long as you have two arms, two feet, and a brain you are more than capable of achieving your goals. And every time you see someone improve, it’s not that they’re more talented, but they’ve had more practice – practice makes perfect.

3. Self doubt and lack of motivation is perfectly normal

‘Wanting to give up’ is actually a natural part of the process, even the most driven hit a wall, because things cannot always go your way. On top of that, nobody sees results in their first few attempts.

“It takes most black beauty vloggers on Youtube between 3-5 years to reach 300,000 + subscribers.”

Give yourself a minimum of a year to see any type of growth.

4. Have an attitude of gratitude

Your attitude really matters. As hard as it maybe, practice an attitude of gratitude, rather than comparing yourself to others, and feeling that you’ll never reach their level. Every time somebody watches your video, visits your blog, shares your work, compliments you, and even criticizes you, be thankful that you managed to get a reaction.

photo-1035. Persisting opens doors to more opportunities

My sister started doing videos a couple of months ago, and released her first blog yesterday, and on the same day she received a phone call from one of the biggest radio networks to speak on their show today.  If she didn’t start, or she quit, she would never have gained that opportunity.

Many of you know BeautyByJJ a well known makeup artist on YouTube, who started filming videos in her room approx 5 years ago. She now runs her own business doing make-up for wealthy Nigerians at their weddings. Thus if you don’t showcase who you are, you maybe blocking your blessings without even realizing it.

6. You’re allowed a break, because you are human

Who said you have to be switched on everyday? Quality is better than quantity.

However try not take more than a week off, as it will slowly turn into a nasty habit, and before you know it, you’ll quit altogether.

Whatever you decide to do going forward, abeg don’t give up!!!

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