Relationships: The Quickest Way to Get a Man to Fall For You

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Ladies the first thing is to figure out what you want


A casual fling or a relationship?

 ^^^ These are 2 separate entities in a man’s mind

Once you enter into a causal fling there’s no turning back, meaning you cannot turn around and decide that you want a relationship because a man will simply not commit to you.

The reason women struggle to get a man to commit after entering a causal fling is because he needs to see you as wife potential from day one.

That’s why men rarely leave their wives to be with women they have affairs with

If you disagree, that’s fine but have you managed to change a casual fling into a happy long lasting relationship yet? Or has any woman you know managed it? If so please feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.

That’s the crazy thing, people will argue the validity of something that they themselves, neither their friends have ever managed to achieve.

He will never see us as wife material on day 365. When he’s seen us as a causal fling for 364 days before that.

Women use the casual way in, hoping that a man will slowly change his mind, and warm up to them after sex or whatever.

 “Men don’t fall in love gradually men fall in love early or not at all”

Hoping a man will change: is one of the biggest lies women tell themselves and they wait for years and years, hoping he will change his mind

 It’s not a woman’s job to change a man

It’s a man’s job to change himself

They take him back after bad behavior and put up with all sorts of stuff, like cheating, neglect, emotional abuse all in the hope he will wake up and smell the coffee that they’re worth committing to.

They waste:

  • their ability to find real love
  • their efforts on a man who’s unwilling to change
  • the experience of having children with a decent father
  • their time
  • their beauty
  • their biological clock

And then become bitter when he falls for a younger model or leaves altogether to marry or shack up with someone else, well who’s fault is that? It’s not the man’s.

Have the courage to make the right decisions NOW so that you don’t have to live with regret.

How to Get a Man to Fall in Love With You?

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