Relationships: 17 Questions to Ask Him in the Dating Phase to Know Him Properly

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The way he stares at you and licks his lips, has you screaming inside

Hot guys use these tactics on first dates all the time

It’s a tried and tested method to make women melt

Same goes for hot women, they have tried and tested methods of getting their own way, by showing a bit of cleavage, smiling and giving lingering looks to make most men forget long term, and go in for the kill.

When it comes to getting to know someone properly for relationship purposes keep in mind that

Just because they’re hot, doesn’t mean they’re a good fit

Successful relationships involve people who fit, like jigsaw pieces, because people who fit have similar values. The last thing on your mind when you get to know someone and they continually annoy you, will be how hot they are, rather you’ll be thinking “goodness this person doesn’t get me at all.”

Looks are important in the beginning but after the first 6 months [when the dopamine wears off] it’s the fit that matters

Here are 17 questions you can ask before investing your heart in a man, preferably within the first few dates, to find out if he fits your personality or not, i.e. how compatible you’ll be as a couple, after 6 months, once you get used to his looks. If you can think of other questions please leave a comment.

Beware: asking these questions all at once, may feel like an interrogation and that’s a real turn off; try and be natural as if they just slipped into your mind.

1. How old are you?

You’ll have more in common if he’s from the same generation

2. Have you ever been in love?

Can he sacrifice or is he selfish

3. Do you have kids?

Kids are a financial burden

4. Do you see your kids?

Is he a responsible, loving father

5. Do you want kids in the future?

Does he want a family

6. Do you believe in God?

Your family will be a stronger unit if you share the same religious values

7. How often do you attend church?

Is a bonafide worshipper or a fraud

8. What are your views on particular scriptures?

Test him to see how well he knows the Word

9. Are your parents together/divorced?

A clue to his level of self esteem and beliefs about relationships

10. Have you built or invested in anything or do you just enjoy spending money?

If he has invested in assets [like a house] he is more likely to invest in you and a family

11. Why did your last relationship end?

Pay attention does he play the blame game, or give an honest portrayal of both parties doing wrong

12. Have you been tested for STDs in the past 6 months?

Somebody who doesn’t care about his sexual safety, is never going to care about yours

13. What are your views on marriage and sex before marriage?

If he opposes your values, it’s a non-starter, if he’s going to change, he will change at the beginning

14. Do you watch porn regularly?

Men who watch porn regularly will play out their porn fantasies on you

15. Where do you see yourself in one years time?

Five year’s is too long, a year is more than enough time to see whether he’s started to put his plans into action

16. What do you do in your spare time?

Does he keep himself busy because an idle man will do immature things

17. Are you into health and fitness?

Will he maintain his looks when you get into a relationship or let himself go

N.B His sexual history

 Love yourself enough to get as much info as possible

Some of these questions may seem full on, but one of the signs that he wants take things seriously, is that he will be open and honest with you.

Avoid: asking him anything to do with his salary, unless you want to come across as a gold-digger. If he’s proud of his occupation, you won’t need to ask him what he does, as he’ll gladly tell you on the first date, because men take great pride in being successful.

Hope that helps!

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  2. The questions and notes are on point and I wish I would have had this list or something similar to it when I met my husband. It’s sad to admit but true, if I would have known the answers to some of those questions, we would not have said “I do.” Thank you for posting because I believe you are never too old to learn.

  3. If you ask all these questions on a first date, I guarantee the guy will run screaming out of the room! Besides, many of your answers are just wrong. Because coming from a different age generation does NOT mean your mutual interests will be in common. Many generations share the same values.

    • Sounds like you have a personal vendetta: It clearly states before launching into the questions:

      “Beware: asking these questions all at once, may feel like an interrogation and that’s a real turn off; try and be natural as if they just slipped into your mind.”

      The age gap, generation question is a matter of opinion. We’ve never said a relationship can’t work, but yeah it’s seems logical that people from the same generation, generally experience the same stuff. Anyway. Thanks for voicing your opinion.

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