Meet Great Guy: Seun From New York: What Do Men Look For in a Woman?

We’ve all dealt with grown boys so let’s hear what a real man has to say GBM

“I’m Nigerian and born and raised in New York”

“People were under the assumption I would be a product of my environment, it’s safe to say I’m not even close. Financially I’m comfortable and I’m in my early thirties. From 9-5 I work in a fast paced office environment and after dark, I have a real passion for music. I’m a multi instrumentalist, but really enjoy playing piano the most. I’m one for the people. I always say our purpose is bigger than us, so if we are only helping ourselves we are not walking in purpose.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to black women?

Firstly I love black women. Our history is the very thing that makes you beautiful from the inside out, that is why your strength is so authentic. Everything about you is great but it starts with you truly knowing and believing that in the deepest parts of your soul. With that said, stay true to yourself, don’t change who you really are. Lastly, all men are not the same great guys do exist; we are just not perfect men.

Top 5 qualities you look for in a woman?

1) Personality
2) A woman who is supportive
3) Humility
4) A woman who can hold a conversation
5) A woman with drive

Describe what manhood means to you?

  • Manhood means putting God first
  • Manhood means taking care of my responsibilities
  • Manhood means showing high levels of self control
  • Manhood isn’t so much about what I can buy but my choices
  • Manhood means looking at your surroundings and being of a positive impact
  • Manhood means being there for your family financially, emotionally and mentally

Why aren’t you married?

I’m not married yet because I’m working on myself. Although I will get married one day. I consider myself to be in training.

When do you know a woman is going to be serious?

This is a tough one, sometimes it will take a while to figure out. Depending on what a woman has been through in her past. Sometimes you can find out early depending on how honest and open she is. But I do feel the earlier the better.

Where can women find a man like you?

  • I’m normally out eating, probably bowling, or out with friends. 
  • After work at Village Underground –  a venue that plays live music in NYC
  • Exercising in Central Park
  • Does church count? lol
  • Watching soccer at home

What do you first notice about a woman – be honest?

Their attitude.

GBM1Seun is muti-talented and plays the piano on a professional level

What keeps your attention after you first notice a woman?

Well character, how they deal with other people, and how they are with me. I like a woman that can hold a conversation, that can give me something to think about.

What made you fall in love with the women you did?

To be honest one thing was the woman accepting me for who I am and being supportive regardless of my of flaws and I mean genuinely supportive. Another thing is that I am BIG on is personality, so I admire a woman with a great personality.

Who are your inspirations?

My family, mentors and my network.

Do you think men can find the one at any time?

Hmm I believe it all starts with a man knowing what he wants, and how quickly he figures out what his long term plans are. As long as he is prepared in some way, it’s a good time, and once he’s made the decision he will grow into those shoes.

What are your goals in the next 5 years?

In five years I’ll be working, married, I also want to start my own non profit organisation to help young adults, giving them a platform to express themselves and guide them through their careers.

GBM3Brooklyn raised, he is focused on giving his family a bright future

Describe your personality?

I’m very easy going, and I’m drama free. Although I like to crack jokes and be funny I can be a very serious person, I consider myself a people person. And I have a good way of being annoying lol. I’m also a home body.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting Seun. It’s great to know that men like him still exist. It gives hope to women like me who have started to give up on the posibility of true love. I truly admire his honesty and you for this post.

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