Watch Our First Video: How to Get a Man to Notice You

Today is the first day of the countdown until the official release of our first download [with an email everyday]

photo-322In this post we’re sharing the first email and video [sent out earlier today] with tips on how to get a man to fall in love with you

According to this article:

The Love Struck Male: Half of men know they’ve found ‘The One’ after just one date

Now this is deep ^^^


“A man barely even needs to have spoken to the object of his desire before declaring she is the one, a study has found. In the survey, 1 in 5 men claimed to have fallen in love at first sight. Just over 50% were smitten after 1 meeting and nearly 75% had lost their hearts within 3 dates.”

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What does this tell us?

Being prepared and getting the first part of a relationship right is the most important thing a woman can do to secure love, as this study proves that men know how serious a woman will be in their lives, within a few times of [not just meeting her] but seeing her.​

How does this relate to you?

Well each time he comes into contact with you – no matter how causal the encounter – he builds up an impression of who you are. Nowadays his first impression of you online, makes just as much impact, as his first impression in real life.

Here’s why

After seeing you in the flesh, or after your first date, he may befriend you on Facebook or check you out on social media, and if he likes you enough, he’s likely to return and gawp at your account and pictures several times.

Each time he looks at your posts, he is subconsciously building up an image of who you are. Now if there’s more than one lady he’s interested in [which often happens] then it will be the smallest details that separate one woman from another in his mind.

Most relationships are made or broken within the first 3 times of seeing him

In this video, we’re talking men, work, money, fashion, beauty + Being Bold Enough to be You.  [4 mins]

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Why Getting His Respect is Crucial For Love

Editor’s Note: Why I’m Single: 3 Big Mistakes I Made

How to get a man to fall in love with you?

Motivate men to notice you, choose you, commit to you and only you: find out more here

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  1. You’re so beautiful !! Great video!!

  2. You’ve been to Dallas..say what?!! lol The next time you are here, it would be great if you considered doing a meet up. Also, I love Atlanta as well, I attended Spelman there during my college years. Much success love, you look beautiful on camera.

    • Awww Regina!! You’re ever so kind. Thank you. Yes! I was in Dallas a few years back, I visited the famous Aquariam, and I also remember the cowboys chewing tobacco on the subway. Everyone was kind as well. My cousin flew down so I thought why not and we spent 4 days there. Yes Atlanta is on my must do list 🙂

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