Watch This Video: 12 Signs He’s Serious About You? A Checklist

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Men change when they are ready to change, not when a woman tries to change them

Hey Loves,

I’ve been under immense pressure to finish our first download

Finding Love Online

is about rebranding your image online, in order to motivate men to notice you, choose you, commit to you & only you

as part of our #GetAGreatGuy Series: for girls on the go

The good news is, it’s completed, the bad news is, it isn’t ready for public consumption yet – I know, I know – I need a good few days to read through the final edit, because if it’s going to have our name on it, it has to meet the standard.

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the download so far; all special offers will remain intact. 

Since 2013, we’ve used the hashtag #GetAGreatGuy over 1000 times, yet we’ve never properly defined who a Great Guy is?

First things first, Great Guys won’t string you along, they’re serious !

Here’s a 12 point checklist to see whether the man in your life is a Great Guy?


 If he scores more than 6 on the ‘My Man Isn’t Serious’ checklist: please note ‘He’s Not Serious.’

Feel free to download this checklist for your friends.

For added confirmation, we found this awesome romance for you guys.

Meet the Logans, a regular couple in their twenties, who got married a year ago

Their love story has every single component on the checklist above – in the ‘My Man Is Serious’ section

Here’s what they have to say and don’t they look gorgeous together?

How to Get a Man to Fall in Love With You?

Motivate men to notice you, choose you, commit to you & only you: find out more

Click here to get your free copy

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Watch this video: Surprise Proposal by Dr James to his beautiful model wife Quiana Grant

Why Men Hit it Then Lose Interest

10 Ways to Identify Whether a Man is Falling in Lover with You

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  1. thanks bcg my boyfriend is not serious

    • Thanks so much for reading this Tifani! Admitting that is big of you. Here’s the conundrum: we don’t want to leave him, yet we want him to change. The problem is he won’t change, so now what do we do? Most of us stay and hope for the best. The saddest thing, is looking back on your life, only to realize you wasted years of your youth & beauty trying to change a man who won’t change. Especially when your single friends eventually meet guys who make them happy. It is possible. Even if you don’t leave him today. The first step to getting a Great Guy is simply believing you can Get a Great Guy. The next step is believing you are worthy of getting a Great Guy. Repeating those thoughts in your mind will have a phenomenal effect on your desire to meet a Great Guy and will replace the feelings of uncertainty that you may have about the future.

      I hope the video inspired you: esp what he says about her

  2. I’m 23 years old about to graduate college and reading this I can say no man has ever taken me serious. At least I now know the criteria for if a guy is serious. #RaisingMyStandards Thank you

    • Ashley thanks for your feedback! That’s awesome to hear. We may not be talking face to face, but I can sense your quiet determination. Same here btw, plenty of guys have not been serious with me, but a few have, and thats all I need to know they exist. Have a good day.

  3. Reading online comments and realizing how many young women don’t know what signs to look for, it is amazing how many women don’t know their self worth and it took reading this article to know and understand. Do these women have conversations with their parents about what to look for in a man or do they just all have very low self esteem?

    Recently an ex co worker told me she fooled around with another co worker for 6 months and said he was cheating. It’s not cheating if he told you from the get go he wanted to continue to see other women and continuously shows acts of selfishness instead of kindness. I just thought this was silly. In her mind she thought she was in a relationship. What?! Then another 25 year old ex co worker complains and cries at work constantly about her terrible live in boyfriend. She’s been with him for 3 years but breaks up with him every so often only to get back together again. What?!

    I lost my virginity at 25 to a man child who was crazy in love with me but he turned out to be a lunatic and had deep seeded mental issues so It didn’t take long for me to run for the hills. In hindsight, that was a mistake and should have stayed a virgin. I’ve been slow to initiate sex since then and for all the good reason.

    Just when I think all is well, then something happens: He turns out to be weak minded or a follower or selfish or immature or has too much baggage or has a fetish with ethnic women or in denial and not over previous relationsip or works too much and wont make time for me or smokes marijuana on occasion and doesn’t find anything wrong with it, etc. The list goes on and on. I don’t want to deal with any of that that.

    Online dating is the worst, you never know what you are going to get but at least if you know someone through friends or work or school, you have some idea of how they are and what you are getting yourself into. So, I managed to not be in a serious long term relationship throughout my twenties because I am not willing to put up with B.S. and realizing alot of women are willing just to have that “in a relationship” status.

    My mother says that I was more aware of who I was at a young age and we always talked about about red flags so when I do find the right partner, it will be for keeps. I won’t be sticking around to see if it gets better and if a guy will change. Sorry, you can’t change a bad personality! there’s 3 billion men on the planet, there’s plenty to go around. And stop having sex so quick, perhaps you won’t get so emotionally attached so easily. Goddamn. -_-‘

    My point is alot of women really need to work on empowering themselves, working on their inner strength, getting to know themselves; what they will and wont accept BEFORE they try to jump into a relationship with a man.

    I recently started reconnecting with college friends. Honestly, that was the best time of my life and they are the most emotionally healthy people that I know of. Everyone after college that I have met has been a mess. Then again I did move to a new state. Perhaps people in LOS Angeles are just nuts in general. I moved away from los angeles and went back to NY for my Masters and considering relocating to Europe or another part of California.

    • A.g I read through your feedback and it’s powerful. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and observations with us. You have imparted a lot of wisdom. Please visit our blog again soon.

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