Relationships: 10 Clear Signs That He’s Into You Girl

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Oooo girl I think he likes you

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Before all of that good stuff, he’s going to give you an indication he’s interested; clear signs that he digs you girl, and that he wants you guys to be more than “just friends.”

Apparently we’re notorious for marathon blogs lol, so we’re going to keep this short and sweet.

Part of this list is taken from personal experience, and the rest has been compiled just for you, as an overview of his behavior.

10 Clear Signs That He’s Into You Girl

1. Eye Contact

When he’s around you, or talks to you, he will give you lingering eye contact and maintain it for a tad longer than usual, before looking away and bringing it back. He will also smile at you on a regular basis.

2. Body language

He will want to break the physical space between you, to get himself closer, by edging towards you, or by standing or sitting next to you especially in a group scenario. At times, he may bring himself so close that he seems a bit creepy – no that’s a sign that he likes you girl.

In tandem, he will make physical contact with you, by lightly touching your hands, shoulder or thighs when he’s talking to you.

3. Preening

Women normally do this, by playing with with their hair, and touching their face when they are attracted to a guy, well in the same way, when he’s attracted to you, he may adjust his collar, or his pants and play with his watch or basketball cap, while in your presence.

4. Attention

A tell tale sign that he likes you is, he will give you his undivided attention. When men aren’t that interested their eyes tend to wander at what’s going on around you, yet when he’s eager he will listen to what you have to say and as you’re speaking, you may find that he looks so intensely at you, it almost feels as if he’s looking into you. Added to this, he may also cock his head slightly to the side, as a sign of approval.

5. Your Body

He will give you a once over. Typically, his eyes will start at your face, and drop down to your chest and hips before quickly rising back up again to your face, and this sequence will happen several times.

6. Compliment you

This almost goes without saying, when he’s into you, he’ll notice unusual things about you, things that the average guy would miss, and he’ll want to tell you.

The type of compliment he gives, normally signifies his intentions: “You’re sexy” is very different to “Ha I love that strange dimple on your forehead, it’s cute”

7. Impress you

Even the best of playas gets a little insecure when they’re really attracted to a girl because all men fear rejection. So he may act a little awkward at first, and even take you aside, away from prying eyes, to calm his nerves, and talk to you in private.

He will also talk himself up, and almost boast about what he can do, what he does, or what he used to do while you’re chatting to him; a few examples:

“I can definitely get you into that club for free”

“I’m on the football team, you should come and watch”

“Of course I can do 50 squats in 3 minutes easily”

“I’m the manager and I tell the other guys what to do”

“I used to be the best in my school a few years ago and I can do it again”

8. Make you laugh or shock you

He will try to make you laugh or tell you a shocking story as a way of flirting, because his aim is to get a reaction out of you, in the hopes that you will like him more.

9. Call you and contact you

From my personal experience, a man who’s interested will call not only that, he’ll call you when he says he’s going to call you, and if he fails to do so, he’ll give you a short explanation, then resume contacting you shortly thereafter.


A woman should never, ever have to chase a man, that’s not her job

I know you wanna call him 

he's into you2

But hold on: here’s why

Falling in love is an exciting process

Though you may have an inkling that a guy likes you, unless he tells you – you still don’t know how much he likes you, and neither does he.

The uncertainty of ‘not being too sure’ allows your mind to wonder how he feels, making the whole process unpredictable. Upon discovering that you both feel the same way begins the process of falling in love.

We cannot force someone to love us. Attempting to control a man’s free will only ruins the process; for example, calling him too often in the beginning makes the dating phase predictable for him, as his mind has no chance to wonder whether you feel the same way because by your actions [calling him a lot] he know you like him.

And if he knows how you feel before he has figured out his own emotions, he is unlikely to fall in love with you. So the trick is to give him space, as the more he wonders and thinks about you, the more likely he is to fall in love with you.

10. Arrange to see you no longer than 2 weeks after meeting you

There are exceptions to this rule, for instance if he travels or he’s in hospital, but aside from extraneous circumstances, when he likes you, he’ll want to see you, asap.

His mind is already prepped and excited at the thought of you, so why wouldn’t he want to see you? Unless of course he has a rosta of other girls on his radar. ← That’s one of the biggest giveaways of a playa.

When he’s genuine, he’ll be happy to meet in a public place, or somewhere mutual, that makes you feel comfortable, as the last thing he wants to do is scare you off.

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