Editor’s Note: Ladies Speak Your Truth Even if Your Voice Shakes


So I’m Yvonne, people call me Yvonne in real life

I’m introducing myself

To anyone who may have joined us recently. Welcome! Make yourself at home. Leave a comment, find us on social media, and feel free to send us an email anytime: contactus@blackcitygirl.com.

Unless you have the patience of a saint, you probably haven’t searched this blog for any of our earlier Editor’s notes, which may or may not be a good thing as I was such a freshie aka young in my mindset. If you want to see where it all began, then of course be my guest; click here

In spite of the conflicts in my private life over the last couple of years, I genuinely feel happier, and more centred nowadays than say in the early stages, when I felt I had a lot to prove, and this time last year, when everything started to feel tedious repetitive.

Not to say, I take this for granted — I really don’t. In fact, I’m so glad we continued, as one: there are certain things that I can share now, that I would not have been in the position to reveal after one year of experience.

Two: By far the best part of this journey has been meeting you guys (I would say that wouldn’t I) but I’m actually serious. I love meeting new people, but more so because you are the liveliest women ever, full of personality, opinions, jokes, there’s never a dull moment.

Three: I’m also hoping that one day someone looks at BCG and decides not to give up

Because it can be so hard to continue sometimes; putting one foot in front of the other can literally take up all of your energy.

If I could go back in time what one piece of advice would I give myself at the beginning?

I would tell myself to, ‘Calm down Yvonne!’ I was soooo impatient, I wanted everything now, now, now. I wanted to grow at the speed of light, I wanted people to trust BCG. I wanted it all.

Trust, reputation, consistency cannot be built overnight, they can only be built over time

Prestigious brands like Apple, Rolex, Louboutin, have built a credible reputation because they have been around for decades sometimes centuries, and their products have consistently delivered over that period, in many cases outperforming their competition.

A new brand maybe sexier, hotter, and generate more excitement than Apple, but it cannot automatically supersede the reputation of their products that have stood the test of time. Only time can do that.

It’s been a minute since we caught up, so here’s a bit more about me

1. I wanted to be an Editor or a Journalist from age 12

I remember flicking though my first Vogue magazine, dreaming, right there and then, that one day I would become an Editor or a Journalist. Well this isn’t Vogue, and I’m not Anna Wintour, lol, but I have worked as a newspaper Journalist, and now a Copywriter, plus I edit this blog (although I don’t always upload the posts) – does that count? That said, I’m so ready for a career change.

2. I’m passionate and a risk taker

When I look over my life, I’ve always seeked out risk because I secretly enjoy it, as a result, I have some juicy stories to share, on the other hand, I’ve done things many of you would chastise me for. To be frank, I’m far from perfect yet I’m passionate in everything I put my energy into – including people.

3. I’m a lot more formal on paper than I’ am in real life

People think because I’m well spoken that I’m really p-r-o-p-e-r *in my Audrey Hepburn voice, though the opposite is true in my case, I’m down to earth in my approach to any conversation. My niece says I use the phrases, “Oh my gosh”, “Like” and “Seriously” too much.

4. I hate to admit this, but I’ve been a perfectionist most of my life

‘Perfectionism’ doesn’t mean you don’t get stuff wrong, in fact you’re more inclined to get stuff wrong, because you tend to berate and criticize yourself for the slightest things, and sadly put exacting standards on yourself. << Describes me to a T.

I’d liken it to a sickness that you try and shake off but it silently creeps back into your psyche at the most unexpected times. Unfortunately ‘perfectionism’ often leads to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, although I don’t have full blown OCD, I have been known to care about the most irrelevant details – to the point of driving my family insane, hahahahahaha! I’ll let my family tell you about that, as I can’t with a straight face.

The upside of that is I feel a strong urge to do work projects throughly, then again, the downside is it causes me to procrastinate as I feel as if I won’t be able to live up to my own expectations.

What causes perfectionism?

Researchers say it’s got a lot to do with control, when you have been made to feel out of control in one area of life, you tend to over-control other aspects of your life. The last 2 years have taught me that honestly, know one cares about how perfect you are!

Happiness doesn’t come from being perfect. Happiness comes from growth while living out your values

5. I still find it hard to be consistent

Well after approx 5 blog posts on the topic and numerous emails, this is probably old news, however it deserves a place on this list as discipline and focus is a daily struggle. Ugh.

Now I’ve finished my list, I’d love to hear 5 random things about you, today or maybe one day in the near future.

Thanks for sticking around, I’m not one to forget those who’ve been loyal. There will be a little special something for you, just to say thanks… ya feel meh. Listen, this year is going to a blast. I declare it! As we venture into yet new territory.


Ladies let your voice be heard

 “No matter the criticism, let your voice be heard. No matter how many people say you don’t have a right to speak up because you’ve made mistakes, let your voice be heard.  No matter how intimidating it seems in a sea of macho men, let your voice be heard. Your voice is a human right, and an instrument that should be used to enrich your life and the lives of others.”

Hearing a female perspective is crucial 

We can all vouch that there are experiences women go through that men can never understand. As women, we have emotions, instincts, even questions that are particular to our gender.

Experts say females are better listeners, are more detailed orientated, are more likely to be collaborative, intuitive, analytical, nurturing, and empathetic in their life and in leadership, while men prefer a more fact-based, straightforward and practical approach.

If women don’t speak up, we are left with men dictating the show, (a few of whom do not have our best interests at heart).

There are 2 parents for a reason, to bring harmony and balance to the human race

No gender has full jurisdiction on love, relationships, success, entrepreneurship, and if they tell you that they are lying to you.

The truth is men do certain tasks far better than women, equally women do certain tasks far better than men. In theory, men and women should work together in unison. Besides nobody can better emphasize the journey of an entrepreneur to women than a woman.

Speak your truth even if your voice shakes

God Bless,

Until next time,

All my love,

Yvonne. x

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  1. hi Yvonne, i love this blog….it’s a daily inspiration to go after my dreams, as a blogger am a newbie and I still have alot to learn, it’s always cool to get to know you better, some random things about me, read here: https://truebosschick.wordpress.com/about/

  2. So inspiring! Can’t wait to see what else BCG has in store ❤

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