Relationships: 6 Tests Women Can Use to Find a Good Man

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When we put character first

a man with character

We don’t fall for characters

Millions of people don’t buy into the concept of an omnipotent God, and can’t stand the thought of church, referring to worshippers as “Bible Bashers”.

Millions more engage in a halfway house type of relationship with God, attending church sporadically, reading the Bible, and praying when they feel like it; on one hand they believe something exists, but on the other, they’re far too engrossed with leading their own lives to really care.

In other instances some grew up in the church, but after one too many scandals, backslid, as a result of being turned off by the hypocrisy and traditions which point to “religion”.

Finally, there are the few staunch believers, who know God, have a relationship with Him, and let Him guide their lives. This post is for you.

The thing is God doesn’t do half way – we’re either all in, or all out

You either believe in God, have a relationship with Him, and put Him first, or you don’t. There is no gray area. It’s common knowledge for believers that, answers to prayers, breakthroughs, and miracles are dependant on how much we sow into His kingdom and serve Him.

That said, please don’t look at me as being perfect, or as someone who can save you, as I’m just a messenger, for we must all be accountable for our own lives.

Which brings us to the main topic, that being, there are many posts online which speak on:

“Waiting for a Godly man”

Indeed praying and listening to His direction is very much a part of living by God’s principles. The premise is, by following His will and fulfilling His purpose for your life, He will reward you by sending you a compatible partner who will more than compensate for your needs.

Certainly Godly men do exist. I’ve seen them with my own two eyes in real life and online. However look around, and ask yourself, how many single, bonafide Godly men are there are to go around in 2015?


Most of them are already taken. Which can cause disillusionment as women start to believe, they’re unlikely to meet a partner who can live up to their expectations. Or it can cause women to become anxious convincing themselves they should settle, or compromise, for fear of being alone.

Some women launch in the opposite direction and go as far as to say, they will remain single, if they cannot find a Godly man: but that’s not exactly a solution, as God is love; unless you are called to be single, He would want you to meet a worthy partner.

You attract what you are

We cannot seek a man who truly lives by God’s principles while failing to put forth the effort to live by God’s principles ourselves.

A Godly man may know his Bible from back to front, and quote the right scriptures

But does he know how to treat you? By no means can he be perfect, but there are too many men in church who are quick to do unGodly things then ask for forgiveness – over and over again – with no actual desire to change.

Yes married men act in all sorts of appalling ways in the world, but is waiting on a Godly man going to fix these issues?

Considering a man as a future husband, includes and is not limited to:

  • His relationship with God
  • Whether he can provide financially
  • Whether you can communicate well
  • Physical attraction
  • Whether you can have fun together

Though arguably, when it relates to how a man treats you, none of these qualities matter above his character.

Everyone has different priorities however

Character is the distinctive nature of someone. Character is also measured by having the strength to do the right thing when no one is watching, even when it hurts, even when you won’t get caught, even when it comes at a personal loss, to the point of losing a good public reputation, or a favorable position.

The test of character is not when it’s convenient or easy to do good, but when it is difficult and arduous – when doing the right thing goes against what is popular, in order to stand up for one’s inner morals and values.

Given the scarcity of Godly men with character today

Perhaps we should be more open minded about those we choose to date. That doesn’t entail compromising your principles, but there are men in the secular world who are prepared to treat you well and who have been breed with character from childhood.

Albeit they may not be as advanced as you, in their faith. If you meet one, how about praying for him and encouraging him to get to know God and change, rather than simply dismissing him because he’s not Godly.

Because at the end of the day you will live with the character of that man, not his knowledge, money, CV, or talent, and your relationship will rise and fall according to how he treats you.

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