Entertainment: 6 Types of People to Avoid Online

The internet is a free for all

 While there are plenty of genuine traders and people giving good advice online, cyberspace has also given free rein to all kinds of cowboys making grand claims, in their website and social media bios like:

businessman with hand on chin

 “Best selling author” with no veritable proof

“Motivational speaker” with few speaking engagements

“Love and relationship coach” with no clients and no relationship to speak of

“Award winning blogger” with no records

It’s just getting ridiculous

Look nobody is perfect, and as you read this please remember that I’m faaaar from perfect myself, but nowadays you can take on any persona, and if you have no close ties to call you out, you can get away with saying anything online. *Face Palm*

The saddest part is, millions of people are searching for real answers meaning, if you have loads of followers, if you’re good looking, persuasive enough or male and single, people may believe everything you say.

Be less concerned about who is following and un-following you and be more concerned about who is leading you

It’s hard out there for us ladies and to avoid getting disappointed in the future, some of the points below are things to be aware of, and may help you in deciding who to support online:

When it comes to making a purchase the number one question should be:

 Is this product offering me a solution that will bring me closer to my goals or desire?

Here are 6 types of people to avoid in general online

1. Perverts

Wherever there are women online, there are bound to be perverts. Gone are the days when perverts were “old fat men lusting after young nubile women behind their crusty laptops” nowadays the word “pervert” can describe, men and women of all age groups, from all walks of life, although the thirstiest tend to be over 30.

Indeed gone are the days when perverts only had eyes for half-nekkid or beautiful girls, although I would agree, they do show a preference for those types, in 2014, the only status you need, is to be a “woman” and by having a presence online: you will attract them.

You can be fully dressed 99% of the time, but as soon as you post one full body bikini shot – say on the beach, on social media, they will somehow pop out of the woodwork to tell you, you look sexy. As if you didn’t know…

The online world is a paradise for perverts

Simply put: they love it!! These guys don’t have a life offline: they live online, waiting for the next piece of flesh they can feast their eyes on… yuck. The only way to avoid them completely is to make your accounts private, otherwise it’s part and parcel of what you’ll come across.

2. People who spew hate

We all have bad days and venting is a fantastic way to release anger. However these people have deep seated issues and are often holding onto past pain. For this reason their advice is usually jaded and clouded by bitterness. Everything they say belittles the opposite sex; another name for them would be “man-basher” or “woman-basher”.

Even when they try to be encouraging they cannot help but slip in a statement to attack the opposite sex. No matter how good their info maybe, if you allow people like that to influence your thoughts, their bitterness will gradually infect your conscience and you’ll start to think there is something wrong with you.

Then there are those who are obsessed with their haters, as if everyone is gunning for them, and copying them, not saying these things aren’t extremely annoying, but geez when every other post is about haters, that person starts to sound like a hater themselves. There’s nothing wrong with addressing haters but be wary of those who don’t seem to talk about anything else.

3. People who degrade black women

Degradation isn’t outright name calling anymore, rather subtle reminders and disparaging remarks that they do not date, nor are they attracted to black women.

And that’s fair enough, everybody is entitled to their preference, the issue I have is when they keep throwing their desires in our face knowing full well that in most cases, the majority of their followers are black women. It’s beyond immature, and at a quick glance, they seem to revel in their notoriety.

Now imagine if a woman had a large black male following and repeatedly announced that “She loved Caucasian men.”  There would be an uproar. Love who you want to love, there’s no problem with that, but how many times must they remind us that they “prefer” other races. Once is enough… we heard you the first time.

Avoiding such people doesn’t mean you won’t feel low, or ugly somedays, we all do, but why add unnecessary negativity to your own conversation? Of course, it’s natural for women to seek out validation from the opposite sex, to a certain degree however:

Be around men who see your flaws, confront them, and build you up, not tear you down

4. People who have no photos, or throwbacks of themselves friends or family, if they’re always alone, if they’ve never shared anything tangible about their personal life

Technology is fast evolving and red flags arise when someone gives advice online yet has few photos of themselves apart from the ones by themselves, and no friends or family around them. Plus when they have no present or past monogamous relationship to speak of. Granted family may want to remain private but everybody has a past, come on, people deserve to know.

When there’s nobody to hold someone accountable, like a mentor, friends who follow them, exes, work mates, acquaintances, then they can get away with absolutely anything. 

Yet they want us to support them, without even knowing the basics. They dish it out and preach all day, and never admit to their own flaws or mistakes. On what grounds do we trust them… because they set up a social media account – anyone can do that.

5. People who sell fantasies not reality

Being single, male, and giving relationship advice is big business, because so many women are single, and inevitably fantasize about being with that man. Never forget the aim is to get yourself a good man… or you will forever remain single, dreaming of a man online, who you’ll never meet in real life. Chances are he’s already taken anyway.

6. People who say one thing and do another

I shall leave this like that.

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  1. OMG im SO glad someone finally said this…I literally just recently deactivated my FB account due to the overwhelming amout of UNWATED relationship advice like DAMN can I just scroll down my timeline without seeing an article titled something like “Why aAll Black Women are Angry and Bitter and will Never Marry BUT read this article and follow my page anyway” LoL

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