In Memory of Mike Brown: 7 Ways to Succeed in Life When You Feel Second Best

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Mike Brown was an underdog We all suffer in life, but clearly some of us suffer more than others. Yesterday we were reminded yet again, that we don’t live in a fair system; the ugly truth is, people from minorities are marginalized and made to feel that […]

Swirl: 3 Things Black Women Should Know When Approaching Interracial Dating

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love All about the swirl, baby! I’m sure glad I slept on this post As the more I slept on it, the more… I remembered the GOOD black men in BCG‘s community My brother and my Dad That’s quite a lot of decent guys So I can hardly […]

Relationships: 6 Tests Women Can Use to Find a Good Man

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love When we put character first We don’t fall for characters Millions of people don’t buy into the concept of an omnipotent God, and can’t stand the thought of church, referring to worshippers as “Bible Bashers”. Millions more engage in a halfway house type of relationship with God, […]

Relationships: Why Men Hit it Then Lose Interest

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love How he feels on the inside after he has conquered you Men go through their hunting phase before sex to get sex Men are very attracted to women they chase before sex When it comes to men and the chase, your facial looks may not be the […]

Entertainment: 6 Types of People to Avoid Online

The internet is a free for all  While there are plenty of genuine traders and people giving good advice online, cyberspace has also given free rein to all kinds of cowboys making grand claims, in their website and social media bios like:  “Best selling author” with no veritable proof “Motivational speaker” with few speaking engagements […]

Success: 5 Ways to Cope With Depression

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love He who feels it knows it So the next few minutes maybe difficult to read, as depression is one of those topics society would rather sweep under the carpet. I wrote this post fighting back tears because this is the one area of my life that I’m […]

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