Fashion: 6 Autumn/Winter Trends Men Love

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It’s no secret, one of the main reasons guys look forward to Spring/Summer is to check out the hot girls wearing shorts, dresses, small t-shirts and skirts. What guys sometimes fail to notice during the colder months is that hot girls are still around! So I thought I’d interject and replace our normal seasonal rundown (this one time) for a fashion post re:

What guys really want us to wear during Autumn/Winter

Because when we’re all bundled up in layers of clothing we hide our beauty

Okay, it’s not exactly cool to concede that we are dressing for men, and it’s best to wear sensible outfits when it’s freezing, though even from a woman’s perspective, you have to admit, the feminine shape is far more appealing when it isn’t concealed.

Perhaps we should consider ditching clothes that emphasize the extra layers, and invest in pieces which highlight our silhouette

This doesn’t mean that we always need to wear tight clothes but it does mean that the bulky, practical jacket your parents bought for you last year, probably makes you look more manly than you think.

It’s true, men don’t care much for women’s fashion

And they won’t declare undying love for a woman based on the fact she has immaculate style, but to say that your sense of dress has no influence whatsoever on his decision to date you is false.

So, here are 6 Autumn/Winter trends that are bound to make any man’s head turn in the cold

1. A jacket that fits well

For the intent of looking great in cold weather, nothing is more important than the fit of your jacket. You want him to see your curves, therefore it should follow the natural lines of your waist and hips. Try and ensure the sleeves don’t add too much bulk to your arms, and the volume causes few wrinkles from excess fabric. Getting a jacket that fits well may entail shelling out on something more expensive, or else having a cheaper jacket altered by a tailor.

A draw-string at the waist suits women of all shapes

2. Clothes with fur, embroidery, lace, leather trim

Clothes with fur and leather trim create a balance between girlie and tough – edgy and sexy. Embroidery, lace and fur is soft, warm and playful (feminine) and if we choose colors to properly complement our complexion, these textures can be extremely attractive visually as well.

Plus you can’t go wrong in wearing any of these trends, as they make a comeback every Autumn/Winter season; though you might not stand out as much by wearing them, their popularity makes them easy to find ,and buy from regular stores.

These trends are always “in season”

3. Sweaters that cinch to your figure

There is something both sexual and nurturing about a woman wearing a tight sweater. It is sexual for the obvious reason that it shows off her figure, but it is nurturing because it gives her an air of warmth and comfort.

V-neck and scoop sweaters are ideal for this tailored look


4. Stiletto and block heeled boots

Yes we all fell for the Ugg boots trend! But let’s face it, Uggs are only good, if we want to look like little girls. But if we want to attract guys over the age of 15, we need to embrace a more mature look. There’s no doubt about it, high heeled boots are feminine.

They also boost our posture and their height draws attention to our thighs, waist and butt as we’re walking. If heels aren’t possible, tall boots without heels are still better than loafers – although stylish flats aren’t out of the question.

Aim for slim delicate heels over heavy, clompy ones

5. Fitted skinny or straight jeans

Fitted jeans accentuate our legs and bottom, and reveal our shape without looking too slutty. Yes, skinny jeans definitely look better than a pair of baggy jeans – and no, you don’t need to be skinny to wear them. Black and dark denim is most versatile, but different designs and colors can work too, as long as they aren’t overly obnoxious (with thousands of rips etc).

If you get cold try pairing with leggings underneath



6. Jewelry

Since the beginning of time, women have worn jewelry to attract men; centuries ago we wore ornamental style jewelry, nowadays we tend to tone it down, but the same principle still stands, stylish jewerly, such as drop earrings, delicate necklaces, and bracelets attract men. Rather like a beautiful scent, discreet jewelry is a nice little touch for everyday, yet bold pieces work particularly well against darker skin tones.


There are plenty of other ways to look attractive in cold weather but these are good starting points.

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