Motivation: The DNA of a Go-Getter

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Success attracts enemies, critics and naysayers but you already knew that

Bring up the topic of  ‘go-getters’ to any sports buff and 9 times out of 10 they’ll mention Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Lebron James. Pose the same question to regular folks, and MJ, Bey, Oprah, MLK Junior, are a handful who may get a nod.

It’s fair to say we all have a personal list of those we believe have literally changed the course of human history; trailblazers who’ve innovated and set their industry ablaze in awe, while dominating award seasons, and raising the benchmark so high, it’s no longer visible to the naked eye.

After reading one too many biographies, and being influenced, and coming into contact with, high achieving men and women via YouTube, and through work my mind began wondering,

  • Like, what makes these people different?
  • What makes them tick?
  • Do they really have more hours in the day than the rest of us?

For this reason, I set out to breakdown some of the qualities that make up a go-getter. If not to inspire you, then you know, so that you can recognize the qualities that make up a high achieving man.

Though I stress these traits apply to men and women: the good news is anyone can be a go-getter, the bad news is few have what it takes. Not everyone is willing to grind consistently and diligently for decades, to achieve real success, nor do they have that stickability factor to ride through storms intact:


Long term success has little to do with talent, followers, likes and shares

Although social media is a brilliant tool. What does talent, followers, likes and shares mean when only a few people visit our site, or see our services. Which is the real aim.

Let’s face it, most people are here today and gone tomorrow, with busy lives, family commitments, boredom, it’s easy to give up. That’s precisely what makes go-getters exceptional.

They employ a tremendous amount of discipline and fortitude to out-live their competition. I would imagine, their entire DNA buzzes and throbs 24 hours a day with the right mindset, work ethic and strategy to produce results.

While writing this, I had to ask myself whether I could be a true go-getter?

Going by the points below, I concluded that for now at least, I’m way too laid back for all that, and my level of consistency just doesn’t cut it, click here to see that so I’ll have to settle for being a wannabe. Let me ask you:

Are you a true go-getter? Do you have what it takes? Or are you just a wannabe?

1. Go-getters are go-getters

Do you have enough belief in yourself, to ignore people who are scornful of your ideas and ridicule your plans? Go-getters embrace the fact not everyone’s going to like them and they make no apologies for being themselves. They are constantly confronted by people who would rather see them fail. Although failure is inevitable, go-getters continue pressing forward anyway.

2. Go-getters take risks

Can you follow through on your ideas and actually make them happen? Are you willing to come out of your comfort zone and push the envelope? Having ideas is one thing; having the ability to implement them is something else. Go-getters execute their vision. They “just do it.” Again and again. Each time with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

3. Go-Getters put their pride aside to listen and learn

Now I have already stated that:

It is simply impossible to reach any level of success without a mentor

What is a mentor?

  • Someone who has taken the path you want to take
  • Preferably someone older than you
  • Someone you respect
  • Someone you’re able to listen to
  • Someone who can show you the ropes
  • Someone who’s wisdom will assist you
  • Someone who can advise you
  • Someone who can give you regular pep talks
  • Someone who helps you make better choices

Where can you find a mentor?

  1. Your family: father, mother, aunt, siblings or elder.
  2. By attending seminars, and workshops regularly: to mix with like minded people.
  3. Pay for one, an investment worth making: as different levels require different mentors.

Why is a mentor crucial?

Had someone asked me if a mentor was a necessity prior to BCG, I would have frowned and said “nah”, but here I’am 18 months later, confessing that I would not be here today without a mentor. Beginning a new job, requires weeks of training with an expert to prepare us for the position.

Starting a new venture is much the same, you maybe able to achieve a degree of success through trial and error, but eventually you will need someone on hand, with greater experience (in your field but more so in life) to learn from and guide you, in the right direction. If I could revise the statement above I would say:

It is simply impossible to reach a high level of success, and maintain that level without a mentor

Let’s learn from other cultures

One thing that holds us back as a race, is our refusal to invest in ourselves, and our insistence on doing everything by ourselves; instead of looking upon others as a resource for help, we often resort to treating them like competition.

Collaboration and co-operation, rather than competition means we both win. Unfortunately I can’t change the status quo, as I have too much on my plate, but it would be a damn shame if 2015 passes by, and you’re still stuck in the same position, because of pride.

It’s not worth it. You don’t necessarily have to reach out to us, but put the feelers out to someone in your circle, who can help you make progress, and I guarantee you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Every single high achiever has a mentor, even if we don’t hear of them

4. Go-getters embrace rejection

Are you able to move on when people don’t get your vision? Can you keep your cool when people aren’t interested in what you have to offer? Are you able to brush your shoulders off when someone makes a snide comment?

Go-getters understand that growth brings double the hate and double the criticism. They develop the skill of bouncing back. They don’t feel rejection or criticism is a reflection of how good they are, rather that different people have different opinions.

5. Go-getters don’t allow others to define them

Do you think outside of the box? Are you willing to lose popularity to get the job done? Go-getters keep evolving at their own pace. Their need to be liked never exceeds their desire to achieve.

They are limitless, and aren’t held back by boxes, labels, un-followers, or un-subscribers. They understand that humility, honoring God and those who support them is the at the core of success.

 6. Go-getters work hard

They work while others are sleeping. They work while others are partying. They work while others are slacking. To my mind, it’s advisable to have a work/life balance, however go-getters are workaholics.

They appreciate that success comes to those who are willing to sacrifice, and put forth the effort – even after being rejected hundreds of times. Hmm…since you haven’t fallen asleep, and you’re still reading this, it’s more than likely that you’re either a go-getter, or an aspiring one: Go get em girl!

Hard work doesn’t have to be witnessed, time exposes everything.

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  1. Mentors are very important in business and personal growth. Mentors can actually shape the path of a mentee by giving of their time and sharing of their experiences. Instead of the crabs in the barrel mentality, we should be willing to help each other succeed.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Sometimes I feel as if I’m being too harsh with some of my statements, but I’m grateful that you have added to the conversation.

      • Thank you for reading and replying to my comment. I actually find your words a breath of fresh air and should be read and heard by females, especially African American females of every age group.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post! It’s exactly what’s been going on my mind for quite some time. So many people feel like Facebook likes and retweets on Twitter are more important than the tangible hard work you have to do to be successful. Social media overshadows a lot of the real truths! Thanks for the advice and real knowledge 🙂

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