NYC Based KARIF Beauty: Products Selected for Women of Color

KARIF is a beauty discovery service created especially for women of color

Calling beauty enthusiasts: there’s a new quality service online

And honestly this is unlike any other I have encountered. For the simple reason that, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have purchased a new make-up product (after the lady at the counter convinces me I look great) only to return home and get the biggest disappointment, when I see it in the natural light; apparently I’m not the only one:

According to Essence’s 2009 Smart Beauty research study, black women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, while paying 80 percent more on cosmetics and twice as much on skin care products than the general market.

I’m willing to bet 50% of that total was spent on the wrong cosmetics

photo-129Step forward New Yorker Elsa the founder of KARIF Beauty

Who provides a bespoke online service, whereby her team of beauty experts will connect you with the correct products for your precise cosmetic needs. What a life saver! Not only does this service save us time in hunting down suitable products for our complexion, it covers every type of beauty product you could ever imagine, all in 3 simple steps:

Arrive onto KARIF Beauty’s website

1. Create a beauty profile: by answering a brief questionnaire (10 questions) to understand your beauty habits including:

  • What type of skincare, hair care, and make-up products you use
  • Your precise complexion (according to the MAC system i.e. NW40)
  • Your skin concerns (oily/combination, acne, hyper pigmentation)
  • Hair type and concerns

2. Subscribe and order your beauty box: using a monthly subscription which contains products that match your beauty needs.

3. Receive your products in a beautiful gold box: complete with a personalized note and information on each beauty brand.

What a way to open up our beauty horizons and try new brands

karif box

The KARIF Beauty Experience

As you can imagine, I was keen to sit down with Elsa, the mastermind behind this stylish brand, to pick her brains on her motivations, as well as quizzing her on her online campaign; since launching in July 2014 KARIF Beauty has notably received no less than 8 reviews on YouTube.

KARIF Beauty is such a unique concept what motivated you to set it up?

I was motivated by a simple problem that I wanted a simple solution to: helpful insight and curation of the beauty products that work best on me. Growing up, I had a very limited exposure and experience with hair, skin and cosmetic products – especially in my teenage years. During my sophomore year of college, I experienced a beauty renaissance sparked by popular beauty vloggers on YouTube and went on a beauty frenzy.

That’s when I realized I loved everything to do with beauty, and saw a niche to create a beauty subscription service where women of color could get curated products designed precisely for them, plus instant access to a beauty expert to assist them in their discovery process. The idea eventually became a plan that I am now proud to say is a reality!

What are the benefits of your service?

The benefits include:

  1. Curated beauty products delivered monthly to your door
  2. Flexible subscription plans that can be cancelled at any time
  3. $3.00 flat rate shipping
  4. A designated beauty advisor to meet with you via chat or video (for an extra fee)
  5. A burgeoning community of brown beauty enthusiasts, and natural hair care experts sharing cutting edge tips on our blog
  6. The opportunity to receive exclusive deals as a registered KARIF Beauty Insider

What is your background in business/beauty?

I have no prior experience in business. KARIF is my first company and first time experience!


What makes KARIF Beauty unique?

KARIF is unique in that it services women of color in a brand new way. The most important and perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of KARIF is its ability to bring women of color together.

What is your company’s philosophy?

We want to promote a sisterhood of strength, honor and beauty. I’ve always said that beauty is the medium – through beauty we want to reach the souls of women everywhere to let them know that black or brown is beautiful. The definition of what is considered to be beautiful has changed. KARIF wants to promote that transformational change.

Where are you based?

KARIF is currently based in the United States and headquartered in New York City.

Do you ship globally?

At the moment we don’t ship globally – however, we have received many inquires from people outside of the United States requesting to sign up to our beauty boxes. We just want to say: we’ve heard you! KARIF plans to ship globally soon.

What has been your experience in business as a woman of color?

Being that I am a black woman from the Central American country of Honduras, I find it extremely difficult to find people with my background in the business field. However, I have garnered overwhelming support from other women of color in business. I have learned that it’s very important to have people that can mentor and advise you. You will definitely need advice and guidance when you start your own project, so you’ll need someone to learn from that has been there and done that.

photo-130What 3 pieces of advice would you give other young female entrepreneurs?

Stay strong and never waver. Starting a business is NOT, I repeat not, easy. This is definitely not for the timid or easily frightened. Sometimes you won’t even know if you’ll survive. The key is to be laser focused and develop a good plan for everything. When you know what your plan/agenda is, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

How would you like your legacy to read?

I would like my legacy to be influential and impactful. I would like to touch the lives of others in the best way I possibly can. It doesn’t have to be expressly through KARIF, but in my day-to-day life. Empowering women has always been my goal and I’m so happy to finally be able to do it through KARIF.

Elsa’s ethos is extremely professional I get the feeling she is destined for great things…but remember you heard it hear first.

Watch a review of the KARIF beauty box for yourself

Connect with KARIF Beauty below:

Website: Facebook: Instagram: @Karif_Beauty Twitter: @karif_beautybox

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  1. Black people doing well in business we need to see more this. Thanks for showcasing this Blackcitygirl!!! I just subscribed to the blog.

  2. Monday morning inspiration. Man, go girl! her website is amazing btw… thanks

  3. Symone, Rochelle thanks for reading & subscribing. I like how professional Elsa is, and that her service is right up there with the best.

  4. I follow Karifbeauty on Instagram, wasn’t expecting this it’s really cool.

  5. It’s so uplifting to see black females doing so well! As a young, African-American woman this makes me proud! I’d love to try these products 🙂

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