Relationships: How to Become the Best Version of You

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Sometimes I bet you wish they would just shut up

One of the hardest tasks in the world is pretending to be happy for a friend or sibling that receives constant praise in your presence.

Whether they’re light skin with long hair, unbelievably smart or have the sweetest personality hearing other people compliment them all the time is bound to get irritating especially when you live under the same roof. Having to tolerate everyone’s sycophantic behavior towards them may even hold you back for years.

As you wonder, “Why not me?”

Unfortunately people have no idea how much damage they inflict when they worship one friend or relative over another.

As the youngest and most spoiled in my family there wasn’t a high expectation for me to succeed
The general consensus was that my 3 older siblings were naturally smarter than me

Like a self fulfilling prophecy I played my role to a tee, charming guests at home generally acting like a wallflower throughout my teens. Later on I started going out and prized my social life over achieving good grades until I had to study around the clock to get into college. Oh boy.

The problem was my parents valued intellect above anything else and didn’t hide the fact they were closest to their brightest child. Luckily this was all unsaid, however that didn’t stop me from sensing their favoritism and as hard as I tried to outdo my siblings and sound intelligent I could not move past my parent’s fixed perception of me.

You see everyone in my family is well read and good at communicating

In real life, I can hold a lucid conversation but I’m not overly cerebral. Instead I’m chatty and often intertwine complex ideas with slang words, so you can imagine, I was the last person my parents would consult for an opinion.

As late as last year I was still trying to get their approval and snag that all important position as “the favorite.” But alas to no avail. And I’m finally okay with it. Why?

Because I have come to accept that my parents love me a lot just not in the same way they love my siblings

I have nothing to prove and neither do you. Work on being happy and comfortable with your own identity because

There’s nothing worse than living in someone else’s shadow

Wishing you had what they had. That’s pure torture and you ain’t got time for that!

Besides if you’re not careful you may end up like I did, either competing with your siblings on their own strengths or desperately trying to gain approval from your parents. You weren’t made like your siblings so you’ll only end up on the losing end if you compete or you may lose yourself altogether in trying to become somebody you’re not.

No-one can beat you at being you

The day I stopped focusing on my friend’s and sibling’s strengths and began to tap into my own assets is the day I was set free.

There are many forms of intelligence


An artist uses a completely different intellect to a doctor

Playing to your strengths will give you a huge advantage

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  1. You are preaching to me today girl!

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