Entertainment: Top 10 Ways to Freak Him Out

Desperation will make him run in the opposite direction

That said, there is a big difference between

  • Acting desperately
  • Reacting desperately when your heart is broken

We’ve all done crazy things in the name of “love”

So before you make any drastic moves the following are real life accounts of behavior that really freaks guys out.

These gestures may have been committed with the right intentions but ended up with a guy being thoroughly disturbed

1. Telling him you are pregnant

I can’t think of any news to trigger a meltdown faster than an unplanned pregnancy. He is likely to feel

  • Betrayed
  • Nervous
  • Resentful

Or all of the above

Men run the risk of impregnating a woman just by laying down with her. My rule of thumb is: if you can’t stand her after sex you had no business sleeping with her in the first place.

2. Showing up unexpectedly

Desperate women rarely take a hint when a man stops responding, and will go to great lengths to resuscitate old feelings by showing up at his office unannounced, or wait for him for hours outside his home while creating fake social media accounts to torment the women around him.

Styling out your creepy behavior won’t make a difference because the utter shock of seeing you on his turf will cause him to question your sanity. Can you blame him?

You deserve better

Don’t give him the power to make you feel worse. I knew a girl in college that squandered her savings hiring a private detective to track an ex only for her to discover he was using escorts. Is it surprising that she resorted to these tactics after attempting to trap him with a pregnancy?

Hunting any man down wreaks of desperation

3. Changing your identity for him

Routinely agreeing with everything he says and allowing him to walk all over you with his opinions will gradually convince him you are desperate. He wants to have a conversation with you not with himself.

4. Being too needy

Some men intentionally abuse the term, “I need my space” in order to fool around. In all fairness, genuine guys need alone time too and prefer to hang out with friends from time to time. The problem is desperate women are unable to let their man out of their sight. If you can’t give him a little space, the relationship isn’t solid. If there are trust issues you don’t need that man anyway. Do you?

5. Stirring up drama

Drama queens use all sorts of tricks to control their man’s attention. When he’s going out, the drama queen will try to get intimate with him. When he has time off from work, the drama queen will plan each hour for him – then whine and whinge until she gets her own way.

Another ploy is to play damsel in distress. Initially, the man will feel good as the chivalrous knight in shining armor coming to the rescue. Though too much distress can persuade even the most loyal knight to ride into the sunset – without you. If you can’t manage the first couple of months without drama and threats, how the heck are you going to last a lifetime?

6. Buying expensive gifts

It’s perfectly okay to send a guy a card or buy him his favorite video game or sneakers. Though going overboard isn’t a good look.

When I dated an investment banker for the first time and we decided to buy each other Christmas gifts, I so badly wanted to impress that I went to Cartier and bought him a top of the range fountain pen and had it gift wrapped only for him to see the elaborate box and say:

“Woah! Is this an engagement ring?”

I was deeply embarrassed as I discovered he had bought me a pair of earrings on sale.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson to tone it down. When you pay for a man’s rent or give him handouts your actions need to be addressed immediately before you find yourself shelling out on his lifestyle indefinitely.

7. Declaring undying love

Telling everyone within earshot your relationship is sincere and planning a future with him, when you barely know what the future holds comes across as desperate c’mon! That along with changing your profile pics to include him, and giving your friends unsolicited advice about their love lives when you’ve barely made it out of the friend zone yourself. Be circumspect about praising him until he’s at least claimed you publicly.

8. Asking him for money

The temptation to ask for money can be overwhelming when you’re longing for a particular pair of shoes that you just know will look incredible on your feet. Or you urgently need money for your hair or rent. Don’t do it! Because the moment you ask him for money, is the very moment he will cease trying to impress you and begin to view you as a burden. Besides the mere whiff of desperation will put him right off.

9. Being too angry or boring

I have never had massive outbursts or been accused of being insanely boring – ahem – but I have been depressed. During my worst periods, I would remain in a pensive mood for days torturing my poor ex-boyfriend in the process. That’s unfair. Being angry and boring doesn’t mean you’re desperate though your temperament may drive him to desperate measures when he can’t handle your attitude anymore. You don’t have to be cheerful 24/7 but lighten up once in a while.

10. Settling

It’s discouraging when women choose to date men that are below their standards because they’ve lost faith in finding someone they’re attracted to. It’s one of those actions that hurts everyone involved. The man usually knows he wasn’t your first choice. When he looks at your pictures and the chemistry between you and your ex-boyfriends, he knows. When he realizes that you’ve done a U-turn from the type of men you liked before, he knows.

It’s tragic because you’ll be forced to support a man you don’t love.

Being single is a gift not a curse.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty. Lol at cheapskate that meme (girl or whatever she is) makes me laugh.

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    Can you do a post on where to go to meet guys?

  3. This is so true. This should have been titled 10 ways to freak “her” out!

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