NowORNever: My Struggle With Consistency: 7 Ways to Beat Procrastination into Submission

 Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Muhammad Ali knew how to finish off his opposition My fight with consistency has been legendary Here we are almost 6 months on from our last instalment of NowORNever and I have my head buried in my hands with embarrassment wondering what happened? To be honest this […]

Relationships: How to Become the Best Version of You

 Get ahead | Succeed | Career |Love Sometimes I bet you wish they would just shut up One of the hardest tasks in the world is pretending to be happy for a friend or sibling that receives constant praise in your presence. Whether they’re light skin with long hair, unbelievably smart or have the sweetest […]

Relationships: 7 Reasons Why You Need a Father in Your Life

Fathers are irreplaceable With so few men actually present in homes the state of fatherhood is almost bankrupt. “We’re managing just fine without fathers, it’s no big deal…” Yet the statistics suggest otherwise. A quick Google search shows only 16% of black fathers were present in the home in 2011 while over 50% of households were […]

Career: 5 Ways to Beat the Poverty Mindset

I can’t claim to know how it feels to grow up in poverty Neither do I understand the full ramifications of being poor. What I can speak on is my experience falling on hard times 2 years ago when I moved into a pokey single room in a house for 10 months in a deprived […]

Video: Cheating! Man Caught Red Handed

Funny Facebook Video Cheating is the same the world over: Enjoy *BLACKCITYGIRL does not condone violence To find out the number ONE trait every man finds irresistible in a woman when he firsts meets her: Get a Great Guy in Under 30 Days! Is a step by step manual guiding you from the moment you […]

Relationships: 7 Reasons You Should Date and Not Dump the College Geek

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love One of my dearest friends was the college geek His name was Andrew  And just incase he reads this post for himself I have no problem admitting that…  I’m writing this with a tinge of sadness as I still have mad love for him but I just […]

Entertainment: Top 10 Ways to Freak Him Out

Desperation will make him run in the opposite direction That said, there is a big difference between Acting desperately Reacting desperately when your heart is broken We’ve all done crazy things in the name of “love” So before you make any drastic moves the following are real life accounts of behavior that really freaks guys […]

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