Relationships: 10 Acts of Chivalry Men Should Bring Back

Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Dads,

You may have made mistakes, you may not have done everything you wished you could for your children, but believe me when I say as long as they can look back to fond memories, wise counsel, and they have sensed your genuine concern for their well being, that alone is worth it’s weigh in gold. ~ Vivien Rose (my sister/mentor)

What does real manhood mean?

Manhood is the authentic character of a man as he was intended to be. It expresses the qualities which make up a perfect man such as:

  • Reliability
  • Courage
  • Conscience
  • Providing
  • Defending
  • Confidence
  • Self-Control/Discipline

But it does not exclude:

  • Gentleness
  • Tenderness
  • Compassion

A man is not less manly but more so because he is gentle. In fact the word ‘gentleman’ shows that a typical man must also be a gentle man.

Boys create problems. Men solve problems.

Real men are not perfect. They are doers. They love meeting challenges and overcoming them. When a man brings more drama into your life than you had beforehand he has the mentality of a boy not a man – even if he looks like a man and constantly tells you he’s “a man”. Make no mistake real men enjoy hard work and are ready to make sacrifices and do whatever it takes to protect their family.

They are generous and aim to give their lives up to a cause bigger than self (once their basic needs are met). They stand by their convictions. Real men do not dither about what is right and wrong. They are decisive and have a strong moral compass. Effectively their role is the foundation of society and the head of the household.

Welcome to the real world!

Some guys love their other half dearly yet don’t know how to show it. Others (not all) think it’s acceptable to treat women anyhow even when she is throwing it down in the kitchen, bedroom while maintaining studies or a career. Chivalry is outdated because the world has changed and there are fewer living examples.

A long long time ago

Before women’s liberation and the rise of metrosexuals, a man was expected to behave dutifully towards a woman everyday without a second thought because he considered her to be part of the weaker, fairer sex…

I got you

10 Acts of Chivalry Men Should Bring Back

1. Open Doors

Yes! Men used to rush to open doors. Particularly:

  • Car doors
  • Restaurant doors
  • A woman’s front door

Following a date. He would open it without expecting anything in return. He would shrink at the thought of seeing a woman struggling with a heavy door and ensured to use his strength to keep it ajar and make room for her to walk past.

2. Smile and Compliment

Men smiled at women. And not in a slimy way; a man knew the power of his friendliness and didn’t hesitate to use his charm to disarm a lady. He would smile as a way of greeting her or in acknowledgement that she was present. Yes! Men admired a woman’s effort in a sincere way by giving the simplest of compliments like:

“Your new hairstyle looks nice” or “That color looks lovely against your skin tone.” 

 “You’re hot” wasn’t invented yet.

3. Pay For The Check

When it was time to choose from the menu a man would allow the woman to order first. At the end of the meal he would keep the bill to himself so that she did not see the amount, then pay discreetly without any fuss. While he didn’t always pull out her chair, when convenient, he knew it was a nice touch.

4. Offer His coat

He would give his coat to a woman when she was cold, draping it over her shoulders to safeguard her bare skin from the chill and breeze.

5. Give Up His Seat

Men automatically stood up for pregnant women or senior citizens as a mark of respect. Men didn’t pretend to ignore women who were near full term, they politely forfeited their comfort to help the needy and did so graciously.

6. Apply Discretion

Men would keep messages, pictures and any other form of exchange private. He wouldn’t brag about sleeping with a woman or deliberately discredit her bedroom skills. He would proudly keep everything to himself.

7. Surprise Her With Gifts

He didn’t need a special occasion to buy her flowers. He knew the value of a small gift received in the middle of a work day, in front of her coworkers, was something he could not put a price on.

 8. Defend Her

A real man would stand up for his lady when she was being spoken to aggressively, especially by another man. If she was getting harassed, he would not let it rest.

9. Keep His Promises

He would call her (not text) for a first date and he would call on time. On top of that, he remembered to send a short message at the end each date to confirm she had arrived home safely.

10. Show Random Acts of Kindness

On the occasion he would bring her coffee or tea in bed. He kept a note of birthdays and anniversaries. And he would sometimes walk on the street side of the sidewalk just incase she might get splashed from a car cruising through a puddle.

Sound too good to be true? Manhood is an art.

How do you feel when a man does these things for you?

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