Relationships: Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Why Did He Cheat On Me?

It’s time to stop stressing yourself and get some bonafide answers. Let’s first unmask the myth that he doesn’t love you because he cheated on you – that is categorically not true. Men are different from women and they have the ability to compartmentalize:

 sex and love

Just because he slept with another woman doesn’t mean he does not love you. Okay so he shouldn’t have cheated in the first place! Albeit his love for you will show up in how he behaves in the wake of his infidelity. Ask yourself:

  • Is he taking responsibility and acting repentant?
  • Or is he making excuses and blaming you?

Contrary to popular belief not every man deserves to be trashed for cheating. Each case is different. To help you make a decision either way we have gone the extra mile to reveal

The Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

*I’m warning you – this info may not be what you want to hear.

1.“He is a man”

Ever heard your man say this when he was caught red-handed? It’s the lamest excuse invented, even though none of us are above temptation. Human nature is selfish; with hordes of attractive females roaming around, it’s easy for a man to become weak when boredom and complacency set in after months of the same routine with the same woman. While you offer security he may look to other women for his cheap thrills and excitement.

2. He feels emotionally bankrupt

A man needs respect and admiration. When you act like a “strong independent woman” flexing your muscles, dressing him down (especially in public) and neglecting his needs you tend to emasculate him. As a result he may feel unappreciated yet unable to open up and communicate his frustration. His inability to share his discouragement and inadequacy may drive him into another woman’s arms.

3. Cheating runs in the family

Some men pick up their cheating habits from watching their Dad cheat on their Mom. While fathers may not think it’s a big deal, their behavior sows a seed into their son’s psyche which makes him prone to re-enacting the same behavior. Likewise he may think it’s fine to cheat when he grows up.

4. He has self esteem issues

A man with low self-esteem will need a heap of validation and there is bound to be a time when you cannot be there to stroke his ego. That is when he is likely to cheat as other women offer him solace while you are out of the picture.

5. You let him

The rise of women with little self worth means our standards have dropped drastically. Some of us will tolerate virtually anything so we can say we have a man. And we knowingly share him sexually in the hope of keeping him around long term.

6. He feels trapped

When a man feels forced into a committed relationship before he is truly ready, he is likely to step out as soon as he finds a woman who is more compatible. Perhaps your relationship moved at a pace which made him uncomfortable because he didn’t see you as a long term option in the first place.

7. You no longer do it for him

When he first met you, you were a size 8 a year after settling down you blow up to a size 18! Don’t be fooled, good looks and a banging physique won’t keep a man, but neither will getting out of shape. If you looked delicious when he first met you do everything in your power to keep his eyes fixated on you.

8. You use sex as a means of control

Even loyal men may compromise their vows when you keep cutting off sex out of spite. He is not super human. Playing games with his mind has an extremely short shelf life and out of resentment he may start seeing someone on the side.

9. He may not be cheating

Do you realize your constant nagging and paranoia may sway him to cheat? I know because I’m guilty of this. Stop accusing him of cheating! If he doesn’t want to date you exclusively when you first meet let him go. When you know your worth, you will feel good enough to attract anyone who has a preference for the qualities you possess.

10. He is a deadbeat

There is nothing wrong with you – it’s him. He is a no good dawg who acts like an animal on heat sleeping with any female raw regardless of the risks. Hey, that’s the way he lives his life cheating on everything and everyone. There really is no science to this, some guys cheat because they’re a pathetic waste of space and boy do they act like it. All you can do is avoid this type of man or he will leave you bitter.

Do you agree with these reasons?

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  1. Thanks for this article Yvonne you made me feel a lot better I subscribed keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for reading this Anna and subscribing. I’m so happy that this post helped! Please tell your friends. x

  3. So… I was discussing this subject with a friend then I got your email. We had come to the conclusion that our partners may have “the cheating gene”. Actually I live in a country where poligamy is still acceptable. My husband denies everything, even though I have compromising proof which confuses me cause he’s everything but a liar. Actually he always told me he was no good for me.

    My problem is that I love this guy to death, he makes me really happy and is the perfect boyfriend but I don’t trust him now and I’m scared he still loves his ex cause there’s always stuff that indicates that he was with both of us. We are engaged and we have a beautiful (planned) daughter. He assures me he has nothing with her and sometimes I wonder if I’m being paranoid cause he shows he loves me and has said inumerous times that in relations it’s all or nothing and there’s no way that a person can love two.

    I really don’t know what to do.. Im scared of ruining my happiness but I don’t want to find out later that I lived a lie.

    • If I had evidence or doubts about my fiancé I would definitely confront him and lay down my expectations before we tied the knot. As long as your requirements are reasonable you have done your job. If he insisted on lying and continued his deviant behavior as hard as it would be with a child involved, I would have to reconsider our future.

      Look many women stay and make do, I guess it’s a cultural thing so it really comes down to your standards and how your separation will affect your children/family unit. Do you want to stay and be paranoid and unhappy? Or put up with his infidelity because you love him and stay for the sake of your family?

      It’s not for anyone to judge as it comes down to what you will and won’t accept.

  4. Love the post! I’m glad you went beyond the men cheat because they are men reason..some women are very unaware that they indirectly push their men in other directions. Not saying that I justify cheating like its okay. But understanding what lead to the cheating makes a huge difference and can help in future relationships!

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