Editor’s Note: Our Top 10 Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Fabulous


Playsuit from Bali, sandals Prada, earrings Kenneth Jay Lane

Since the release of this photo we have received several emails asking me to talk about my beauty and exercise tips so let’s chop it up! I have listed 10 of your questions below. Make yourself comfortable, here goes:

1. Tell us a couple of things we don’t know about you?

A. I love traveling

My regular haunts are: London, New York, LA, Miami, Uganda, Kenya. I have visited Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, and a few countries in Europe. I would love to go to the Caribbean, Nigeria, South Africa.

My travel bug was one of the things which inspired the name BLACKCITYGIRL as the world over women are surprisingly similar – more than you can imagine.

B. I’m well spoken

Probably why I haven’t made any videos as I’ve been thinking when these girls hear me speak, they’ll be like WTH??? Where did she get that accent from? I can’t help how I speak…

Oh you think posh people are stuck up?


No no no I’m just kidding

2. Share your philosophy on fashion and looks?

I bought my first Vogue mag at the age of 12. So I have always had a penchant for expensive clothes. The problem was I used to spend 80% of my income on the finer things until I underwent a Lasik eye operation which went drastically wrong. I became depressed and had to work on my self esteem and confidence.

Along side that my Dad fell ill and I had no savings plus there was no-one to bail me out. Being horribly broke prompted me to get serious about my future. Therefore I now exercise, eat and feel right then work my wardrobe around my body because:

I’m single darnit and I want to put my best foot forward 

Though I’m reworking my style to reflect my growth

3. What is your exercise routine?

I really enjoy jogging and my jogging powers have transformed men and women alike as that part of my life tends to rub off on people. I try to fit in a gym session 3 times a week, first thing in the morning as it helps me feel more alert and energetic throughout the day. Although there are times when I simply can’t be bothered – like now.

I don’t do weights because I’m scared of bulking up but I do the odd squat and lunge and I’m a fan of sit-ups. The best all round method that I have found to burn fat and calories is Circuit Training #ItWorks

4. What do you eat and can you cook?

I eat everything! I have a huge appetite. Though I can get so engrossed in work that I don’t eat for hours – not a good look. My sins are sugar or anything sweet. I’m a cookie monster, you can never leave me in a room with biscuits as I can easily finish a whole packet. I drink gallons of orange juice and coffee lately, and I can’t resist a good homemade burger.

Food I love includes: Ugandan, Nigerian, North African, Mexican, Italian, Sushi, Soul food, how could I forget Jerk Chicken and rice and peas, and for fine dining, French of course. I cook for myself pretty much every day, I’m not a master chef or anything but I can rustle up a good meal and I like to try new recipes.

5. What are your top 5 beauty essentials?

This list is subject to change but at the moment my top 5 are:

  • My hair steamer
  • My skin care products
  • My make up brushes
  • My lipsticks

6. What is your hair care?

My hair is texturized meaning it is half chemical and half natural. When I wash it, it’s as good as natural as my hair has a strong kink. After years of weaving and coloring, my edges have taken a beating so I’ve been wearing a small piece of Yaki at the front to create a dramatic bang. I steam my hair every 10 days at home with a deep conditioner.

I would wear a weave again though I’m glad I restored my own hair. Even my hairdresser waged a bet that I would never wear my own hair again. Imagine. By no means has it been easy, in the beginning I didn’t feel glamorous at all but I’ve learned to love it. The best part is I no longer itch my scalp and my head feels 10 times lighter. And interestingly men are more likely to have a full blown conversation versus making a pass.

7. Am I single?

Is this a serious question? YES.

8. Tell us your top 3 tips for confidence?

To be truly confident I believe you must:

  • Learn to love yourself: in your natural state.
  • Set small goals: as once you reach them you will start to believe in yourself.
  • Take risks: and come out of your comfort zone because confronting your fears will empower you.

9. What have you learned in the past year?

The stigma around failure is irrational. I have failed many times in my life yet I never accept failure as the end of my journey. Nothing is ever a waste as each experience you put your mind to is invaluable and can be used on your resume or in another capacity. If this imploded you would find me using the skills I have gained in another way.

10. What has been the best part of this journey?

In a few words…

The beauty of this journey is that many of you have actually witnessed and supported us from the beginning when I had nothing – apart from a Blackberry. I didn’t even have a decent laptop. I started BCG in the most adverse conditions with little money and living in a single room.

I had no blog yet set up a Twitter account and got started. Since then we have continued to build. We are still not there yet and ya know what…we will never be “there.” I’m learning to be happy in the moment as there will always be something that can be improved. I’m just grateful that this experience has brought women from across the world closer together.

Impossible is not a fact. Impossible is an opinion.

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  1. Phylicia says:

    What is your worst quality?

  2. Good question Phylicia. My worst quality is I’m impatient when it comes to learning and can get annoyed and frustrated easily. And we’ll leave it there…

  3. Have you had moments where you don’t believe in yourself?

  4. Sandra! Yes definitely my birthday last year was a real low because I didn’t have support from some of the people who are closest to me and I really felt as if I couldn’t go on. Whenever I feel down I listen to motivational speakers and read.

  5. Deronke Haz says:

    Thanks for the tips ! Do holla when in Nigeria. Xo.

  6. CleoJones says:

    You are a gorgeous woman!… seemingly intelligent, well-traveled and stylish. Your writing style and candidness is fantastic as well. Your site is inspiring and I wish you great success and true love with your perfect match!!! Ase.

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