Relationships: 6 Things Women Secretly Want From Men But Never Admit

Because she doesn’t want to seem desperate.

It’s the small things that are major to winning a woman’s heart.

These are the gestures she wishes her boyfriend, fiancé and hubby took the initiative to do more often though few women will ask you for this stuff because it’s embarrassing! Nonetheless we can guarantee that when you are consistent in your efforts to achieve these 6 points, you will cause the special lady in your life to fall hard.

1. She secretly wants affection

For a woman affection is like water to a plant without it she slowly withers away. Your willingness to be tender gives her a sense of validation because she feels cared for, on the flip side she is likely to become insecure when you are continuously distant particularly during the early phase.

How else is she meant to gauge how you feel? Don’t just use affection as a precursor to the bedroom; the quickest way to build real intimacy and trust with a woman is to be tactile in your daily life.

She doesn’t want to be groped in dark corners

She wants you to hold our hand

And wrap your arms around her waist and give her a kiss on the forehead, and you’ll see that even the tiniest of actions will be noted and reciprocated. Your affection can even go as far as giving her extra time when you really should be disqualified.

In many instances the lack of affection at big gatherings including college, church, weddings and funerals is unmistakable most times you can’t even tell who’s with who!

We know tradition says PDA is inappropriate but c’mon guys show us your softer side, as your partners are crying out for a little affection from you. We accept that men need respect long past the honeymoon stage in turn women need you to be more attentive.

2. She secretly wants compliments

She hates begging for compliments! It’s disheartening having to ask “Do I look nice today?” or “Have you noticed my new hair?” As much as she makes an effort for herself, she secretly does it for you too so once in a while it would be amazing to hear, “Yeah your hair looks great.” or “I prefer your last hairstyle because of XYZ” especially when you know that she’s just got her hair laid.

Stinginess won’t work

She doesn’t care how much you brag to your friends about how great she is when you never tell her

When you like something voice it at least once a week and if you don’t have a girlfriend practice on the women in your family. Perhaps it sounds tedious and ridiculous but don’t underestimate the power of a well timed affirmation, as your lady will love it when you notice her strengths due to the fact that her emotions and moods have a lot to do with how much you show her that you value her.

Your compliments don’t have to be based on physical attributes alone you could drop one when you appreciate a meal she’s cooked, when she’s actually on time for once, or when the text she sent you in the middle of the day got you a little too excited. Keep it fresh.

3. She secretly want you to stop looking around

She realizes you will find other women attractive, still can you please stop gawping and flirting with other women in her presence. Not only is it insensitive – it’s rude. Any sound minded woman knows you’re not going to run off with that hottie with a body, but it doesn’t stop her from getting extremely annoyed and upset every time she catches you in action.

How would you like it if your partner looked and flirted with other guys in front of you? So what makes you think she’s fond of it? If you must…do it with your friends, or use your discretion.

4. She secretly wants you to spend money on her

Any woman who says she doesn’t want a man to spend money on her is L.Y.I.N.G.

Contrary to popular belief women aren’t all gold diggers. She can take care of herself yet that doesn’t stop her from wanting a man who can provide and be spontaneous by surprising her with a gift once in a while.

Stop telling her you care, and show her by putting your money where your mouth is and dig into your back pocket to buy something nice that is exclusively for her. You don’t need a special occasion to spoil her; any reasonable woman will be equally grateful for flowers and chocolates as much as expensive lingerie.

5. She secretly wants you to focus on the 80%

Because the perfect woman doesn’t exist. Why discount a good woman for superficial reasons when she makes the grade in every other respect? Wise men focus on the 80% knowing there will always be 20% missing. Yes that means your fantasy woman has flaws too. The beautiful packaging on the outside maybe enticing though her flaws will be exposed once you become familiar.

Real women don’t want to be objectified

She would like you to focus on our inner qualities (even when she dresses provocatively and sends out mixed messages) for the mere fact that ultimately she wants you to like her for who she really is not what she looks like, as there will be periods such as pregnancy when she doesn’t feel her best and she need to be certain that your attraction runs deeper.

Don’t commit to us knowing that the 20% we lack is something you cannot live without

Because this will inevitably lead you to cheat. Too many men marry a woman because she fits the cookie cutter image of a wife. His family and peers play a big part in informing his decisions…then he secretly lusts after other women using porn and illicit affairs.

Have the guts to date the woman who may not be as predictable though excites your mental AND physical tendencies, as it will be you who subsequently has to live with her not your friends and family.

6. She secretly wants you to be honest and spend time with her

Be upfront when she doesn’t turn you on anymore (as much as it hurts her ego) rather she hears it from you than through the grapevine. When you don’t like something she’s done don’t whine about her to your homeboys…

Confront her, Confide in her, Be proud of her

She wants you to make a bold statement to the world that you are in a relationship by changing your Facebook status to “In a Relationship” and introducing her to your friends. Take the time and make the effort to actually meet her in a public rather than your crib the whole time, as a great woman wants to be an open part of your life not a dirty little secret.

Can you think of any other things women secretly want from men?

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  1. I was expecting a man bashing type post but I like your approach which is surprisingly reasonable. Which man doesn’t know about women and cash? Sending mixed messages is the first way to enter the ‘not serious’ category, what do you expect men to do look the other way? I will keep this in mind when I interact with women in the future. Thanks Yvonne.

    • Ken thanks for your reading this and your comment! We know we send mixed messages, in spite of this, we do want a man to like us for who we are, even if that’s the opposite of what we portray. Is that too idealistic…probably but that’s what we want.

  2. Here’s one we want men to LISTEN because we love to talk.

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