Success: 6 Reasons Why Some People Become Successful and Others Don’t

success1Ever wonder why you’re still stuck in the same place and haven’t seen the progress you’d like?

Guest blog: Krystle Jones.

Time and time again revisiting the same thing, same pattern, and same place. A goal in mind, but can’t seem to ever get there. Have you ever thought maybe I’m not doing something right? I’m sure we’ve all been at this particular place at some point in our lives. You may think that some people are better than you because you see them a whole lot further in life than you are. Well, that’s far from the case. They may have just done things differently than you have.

Here are 6 ways to guarantee success in your chosen field.

success21. Often times we go through life where we are taught certain things; whether it be from school, parents, family, friends, leaders, or just life itself; without actually applying any of it to our lives and current situations. What you must understand is that these lessons are meant to help us make the necessary progress in life. At the end of the day, we all want to be successful. But if you can’t take what you’ve learned through personal experience as well as the experience of others, you will stunt your own growth and keep yourself from being all that you possibly can be. What does one gain from all the knowledge attained, if we do nothing with it? How can this possibly lead you down the path of success?

Really sit back and think about this. Some of us have been given the opportunity to receive a great education, have great people around us who have imparted wonderful wisdom, and have gone through challenging experiences that show us what to do, and what not to do, to prevent us from going down a road that lacks success. Now do you really think all of these experiences happened in vain? Absolutely not. It has happened for a reason. Once you take all that you can possibly take from these lessons and apply them to your current situations, there’s no way you can remain in the same place forever. Application leads to movement, which then leads to progression.

success32. You must be confident in yourself to be able to apply what you’ve learned to your life. When you really realize what you are capable of doing, it’ll become easier to flow in your individuality. We’ve all been given different gifts, abilities, and talents that’ll lead us to success. But we have to tap into our greatness. If you don’t become fully aware of what you possess, there’s no way you’ll be able to achieve all that you can. Take time to dig deep and see how effective you can be if you were to give your all. If you think that you can only do minimal work, then that’s exactly what you’ll produce. When your confidence in your talents skyrockets, you can do anything! Which will then result in great achievements and success.

3. When you want something bad enough, you’re willing to take the risk. No matter what the situation may look like around you. If you’re really determined to reach a high level of success, you’ll do what it takes to get there. Nothing worth having is ever easy to obtain. There will be obstacles that come against you, but your passion and determination should be the driving force that pushes past those difficulties.


4. You have to continue to perfect your craft. There’s no way you can expect to be successful if you don’t commit to practicing. The statement, ‘practice makes perfect’ isn’t just a cliche. If we expect our future to be anything like what we want it to be, we have to put in the work. Which in reality is doing what we know how to do, but making sure we’ve mastered it.

success 55. Consistency is everything. You must remain consistent in your work and in your positive thinking. You can’t stop. Your inconsistency will cause you to fail. When you start and stop, you will end up further behind in life than you should be. So you have to be persistent in all that you do so that your dreams can come to fruition.

6. Don’t be afraid of rejection. Whenever one has expectations of success, you should also expect some type of rejection. Things won’t always happen right away. Some times you might be turned away, but that doesn’t mean that your gift won’t ever be recognized. One rejection may lead to an opportunity. However, if you’re afraid of being rejected or slow down because of rejection, you will no longer move in the direction that’s meant for you.

An example of a young African American woman who used every one of these tips to become successful is

Karen Civil: At a relatively young age, Karen was able to make a name for herself in a tough industry. Starting small with blogging, and according to XXL magazine she is now a power player. Some of the roles that she now holds are, consultant, reporter, publicist, and more.

success 6Starting at the age of 13, realizing that she could use the internet to her advantage, she was able to learn key points that would lead her to where she is now. She also believed in herself and in her abilities, which caused her to push past every challenge to get to her destiny.

Regardless of any obstacle, including her company going into liquidation, she still continued. She remained consistent and perfected her craft. She wasn’t afraid of being rejected, but stayed on the right path. If she can do it, why not you? Remember to keep these key points in mind when striving for success!

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  1. I love these tips. I finished college last year and I’m struggling to find a job. It’s nice to read something so uplifting for once. Thank you Krystle.

    • Thank you, Nicole! So glad you’re able to relate. I’ve been in the same position you’re currently in, I encourage you to keep moving. Trust, things get better as long as you’re going down the right path. Don’t stop. All the best to you! Thanks Andrea!

  2. Krystle continue to follow your dreams. So proud of you.

  3. Krystle did such a great job with this post!! Thank you honey! Nicole we have a post for interviews called: Don’t Panic! 7 Interview Tips to Help You Prepare for Any Job. Feel free to read it here. >>

  4. Krystle am proud of you my dear, you have done great to me, may God bless you.

  5. 😍😍😍 love the blog. Very inspiring keep it up

  6. Joseph and Latia 🙂 thanks so much for you’re amazing feedback! It’s good to meet you!

  7. Absolutely loved this post. I guess constancy is the one I need to focus on now !

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