Success: NowORNever Challenge February 2014

someoneIt’s March already? If only February had 32 days!

No surprises then that I’m lagging behind on my schedule. *Le Sigh* According to my mentor my problem is focus, and placing too much emphasis on trivial tasks which simply don’t matter i.e getting distracted. And of course she’s right.

On top of that, I’m facing my own battles in the full glare of you, the reader…great! Alas all is not lost, I have adhered to some of our January tips including writing down my goal list, yay! Complete with deadlines I might add.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.

It crossed my mind recently how many of us exchange our entire lives for money (yes 60 good years) yet deep down, few of us are happy in our jobs during that timespan. Though we complain, for one reason or another, we do little to change our situation.

I understand you may have financial constraints, the timing may not be ideal, or you may just be overcome by a severe bout of laziness…. even so, do me a favor, and take one long hard look at the person who holds a senior position at your company to see exactly which direction you are destined for.

Do you like what you see?

Well The NowORNever Challenge has been devised to help you create your own path, or chances are that person will be YOU in 10 years time.

Your best future depends on you making the right moves today, because your ideal man won’t remember what shoes you’re wearing, but he will recall the fact you were the one girl with substance, who actually followed through on her dreams, via your actions alone.

February 2014

Focus and Repeat

1. Find the quickest route to get you results

Oh the temptation to cheat when no one’s looking. We’re all human right? Yet the cracks will soon be exposed when we attempt to avoid hard work at the beginning. The grind knows how much you have invested, and without setting down a solid foundation, your growth is likely to collapse like a deck of cards, as it will have no infrastructure holding it together. Repeating the same tasks on a daily basis from the outset will get you ahead, because you will be standing firmly on concrete, not sinking in the sand.

Thank goodness, everyone is made differently – did you know there are 3 main methods of learning? Neither did I! Pinpoint what method works quickest for you early on, so that you can accomplish results fast and without delay.

  • Auditory Learners: Hear: Auditory learners enjoy listening to things being explained, rather than reading about them.
  • Visual Learners: See: Visual learners prefer looking at graphics, watching demonstrations (aka YouTube) or reading.
  • Kinaesthetic Learners: Touch: Kinaesthetic learners process information through “hands-on” experience.

2. Learn to take baby steps before making giant leaps

Don’t beat yourself up because you are slow paced. Remember every expert started off as an amateur. It is ludicrous to expect that we can master any skill overnight. It is going to take a step by step approach, and daily practice to really hone our expertise. Even children, start off with baby food, before graduating to solids, in much the same way, we have to humble ourselves to accept that we must crawl before walking. This is perhaps the biggest stumbling block for countless people, who believe they know it all, when in reality we all need to learn the basics first.

3. Boring is good! Success is achieved through daily repetition

Beginning is tough but maintaining is harder. With 10 months to go, this will definitely be a marathon not a sprint. Pace yourself and keep your daily rituals fresh, or boredom is sure to kick in, and drive you nuts! As I’m fast learning, it takes patience, focus, plus a dream that is bigger than any immediate reward you may get from your social life, or shopping sprees, to maintain your commitment towards achieving success. Otherwise, it is all too easy to relapse back into your old habits…I mean why not? *Lazy folks usually jump off the bandwagon here.

IMG_86834. Don’t mind what everyone else is doing focus on YOU

You are in competition with no-one but yourself. I hate to sound militant but…this is probably the most crucial point this month.

 Comparing and competing with others causes jealousy and resentment and will blind your ability to make the best of yourself.

Your parents weren’t shooting blanks when they made you! So what were you put on this planet to do?

5. Ensure your preparation is complete

To reiterate last month’s point, please do your research. What tools and accreditations will you need to reach your goals, how much money should you set aside (important) which instituitions supply the right info to help you win…you can do this!! I know you can!! Until mid-month…smooches!

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  1. So glad I subscribed to your blog yeeesssss boring is good. I’m one of the lazy folks. Thnks for the inspiration.

  2. Aaaaaaaa Maya!! You made my day!! Thanks for the love. Feeling lazy occasionally is natural. We’re in this together! Whenever you need motivation, please re-read this.

  3. thanks a lot….you dont know how much you’re helping me with this words 😥

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