Anatomy of a Hater: 5 Ways To Identify a Hater

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love So you thought BLACKCITYGIRL had come this far without serious haters? Think again Everyone comes up against someone who hates them for no logical reason. These people typically pull strings behind your back to damage your character, or shamelessly undermine your qualities to anyone who will listen, […]

Editor’s Note: My Dating Adventure With an Ivy League Hunk

Dress: Philip Lim Shoes: Miu Miu. I’m sure many of you are skeptical thinking…’I like Yvonne, but this guurl is crazy making all these wild claims about dating high flyers – yeah right.’ ‘Who does she think she’s fooling?’ To be honest, I might say the same thing, I mean I barely look 21 without make-up on […]

Success: 6 Reasons Why Some People Become Successful and Others Don’t

Ever wonder why you’re still stuck in the same place and haven’t seen the progress you’d like? Guest blog: Krystle Jones. Time and time again revisiting the same thing, same pattern, and same place. A goal in mind, but can’t seem to ever get there. Have you ever thought maybe I’m not doing something right? […]

Success: NowORNever Challenge February 2014

It’s March already? If only February had 32 days! No surprises then that I’m lagging behind on my schedule. *Le Sigh* According to my mentor my problem is focus, and placing too much emphasis on trivial tasks which simply don’t matter i.e getting distracted. And of course she’s right. On top of that, I’m facing […]

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