A-Z Dating Manual: Battle Of The Sexes: Who Will Win the Sex Game?

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Man meets Woman on a night out

Woman wants love VS Man wants sex

As soon as you meet him, and hand over your number you are in a stand off.

Men enter 3 phases in their manhood

  1. Adolescent Years
  2. Player Stage
  3. Settling Down Phase

The odds are you’ll find a guy revelling in his player stage, on a routine night out. The purpose of this exercise is to give you the upper hand in anticipating his behavior, so that you can avoid the emotional pitfalls of his games, like every other woman who hopes for something more in the long run, when he clearly has nothing more to give.

With the annual rise of:

  • STD contractions
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Unplanned children
  • Single moms
  • Broken hearts
  • Tears
  • Single professionals
  • Unmarried 30+ year olds

It’s easy to see that men are winning the battle of the sexes hands down

Prepare yourself for the gory details, because we’re going to unveil exactly what he is thinking, when he first sees YOU in a bar/club. Hopefully this information will provide some clarity as to why you may have had your heart broken in the past, and help you adjust your approach in the future.

From the moment you connect: To Him

1. You are a conquest

The ambience of a bar/club is undoubtedly sexually charged – add nubile young women into the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster for those seeking real love. Given the setting, it comes as no surprise that most guys will automatically view girls in nothing more than physical terms. When he first lays eyes on you, he doesn’t care about your name, let alone your personality all he can focus on is your body in that tight little dress!

His imagination will already be running wild with all the freaky things he’s going to do to you – if you let him. That fixed grin you see plastered across his face, is another manifestation of just how much he is relishing the challenge of having sex with you, with little to no investment, and in the shortest time possible. He will be ruthless about getting you. Because his ego and bravado depend on it. He wants to be able to brag and say, ‘Yeah I hit that’ and at the very least, ‘She ain’t all that.’

2. How beautiful you are is not that important

Men in their player stage don’t discriminate. Meh, he’s not looking for a great beauty to hook up with, because it’s too much like hard work. Guys are simple creatures, as long as you have curves in the right place, you will suffice. Seeing a few of your body parts throughout the night, is sure to make him lose his common sense, and prompt him to say virtually anything to get you in bed.

If his game is tight, he will buy you a drink, give you a few compliments and accommodate your friends. If he’s driving he may go one step further, and get you intoxicated to allow him to go straight in for the kill, armed with one liners like: ‘We can continue this convo at mine, I have a spacious place’ or ‘We won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable’.

3. You are not special

Okay you are special. Every woman wants to feel special – myself included – but when he chats you up at first, you are just another woman who takes his fancy. Goodness knows how many he’s met that week. You may have green eyes, hair down your back, explosive ass and breasts, indeed he may even find you the hottest woman he has laid eyes on, yet you will still become another notch on his belt, once he has had you.

Furthermore, what he whispers in your ears and wants you to believe, in most cases is very different to what he actually feels and his friends will hear. Thus he may call you ‘Baby’ to your face, and a ‘B**tch’ behind your back. He could be chasing you because he wants to kill time, or perhaps he has been rejected by another girl, then again, he may like you enough to discover more. The reality is it’s the luck of the draw, which only time will reveal.

4. He will shamelessly pursue you for years just for sex

There is no length he won’t go, to get you in bed. Remember this isn’t personal – you are a challenge. In some cases, when you make him wait too long, he might even become spiteful, uncaring and degrading once you do give it up. With thoughts like, ‘How dare this girl make ME wait.’ his ease in getting other women, will make him feel entitled to you as well.

Now question is who is going to win? You or Him.

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