Success: 3 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Popularity Overnight

noone reads your blog

Can someone please explain why anyone would continue writing on a blog nobody reads? *Scratches head*

Okay, okay that’s a little harsh, let me rephrase that: there are countless blogs online with outstandingly talented writers, artists, stylists that no-one will ever appreciate, simply because no-one knows about them. It’s almost a disservice to have an amazing blog that not-a-single-person visits. After all of your effort and hard work, it makes no sense to spend time uploading posts, only to get a few hits from your friends and family?? You may as well purchase a diary and document your thoughts in there.

Think BIG

Generally speaking, a blog can only flourish when people drop by, and if it shows potential – people will…once they know your blog exists. If you’re an aspiring or established blogger here are 3 ways you can boost your popularity overnight:

1. Content Is King

Content is everything! Even an award winning web designer, can’t rescue a blog with boring content. The name of the game is to make your material:

Useful, Practical, Relatable

The unspoken truth is, nobody cares about what we ate for breakfast yesterday, or what annoyed us last week, unless we’re famous, and even that can get a bit tedious. On the whole people will only subscribe to a blog which adds exponential value to their lives.

Write content that sizzles

You are writing for other people, not yourself

One way to produce killer content is to first outline a clear objective for each post – from start to finish. Once you have completed writing your piece, streamline your points to allow your reader to get the gist of your article quickly, as most people are busy, and will read your information on the go.

#IWantToBeWorldClass: Bear in mind, you will be competing with established blogs such as the Huff Post, Media Take Out, Bossip, hence you want to avoid rehashing the same old news stories. Given the choice, most people prefer major news outlets for their daily fix – be honest you’re the same – if only for the HD images, enticing web copy and amusing comments. The only chance you have of winning a slice of their readership is to be inventive. Come up with a different angle for the latest news, which is less generic and more likely to win over your target audience.

2. First Impressions Count

We only have ONE chance to impress a reader to stay on our blog and persuade them to revisit, therefore “sloppy copy” as I refer to it, is a liability. Yes, we’re all human, yes we’re all susceptible to making minor errors now and then, however spelling mistakes and horrible grammar in our About section – our most viewed web page – is blogging sacrilege. Any right-minded human being will find it difficult to take the rest of your blog seriously, when there are unsightly typos splattered all over your welcome page.

#IWantToBeWorldClass: Right off the bat, the name of your blog will determine the kind of audience you attract. Even if the title holds sentimental value to you, people will only read a blog, which has a name they are at ease with. And you don’t want to lose a prospective audience because of a poor name choice.

To give you an example, blue-collar professionals are less inclined to read a blog called ‘Boss Chick’ but maybe tempted to visit a blog called ‘Career Woman’ because of the word associations. For this reason, try to keep your blog’s title classy and timeless. That way, you won’t have to worry about the name going out of style, on top of that, readers will automatically identify the type of person you are with your blog name.

3. Does the blogosphere need another fashion blog?

The first question I get asked when I mention I run a blog is:

 “Is it a fashion blog?” when I say “No” my answer is met with suspicion, before the person adds, “Well what type of blog is it then?” and I explain that “It’s a lifestyle blog.”

Which is met with further suspicion.

Since we’re on the topic…there is room for more than one type of blog


It seems everyone has a fashion blog nowadays – the internet is heaving with them. While some fashion blogs are cool and cutting edge, most have no edge whatsoever (no offense) therefore don’t be scared to be different.

Branch out and start a blog which truly represents who you are. There are plenty of interesting topics beyond fashion. Check out BLACKCITYGIRL Whitney J Décor’s phenomenal blog she used her skills as a designer with a passion for home décor to bring her blog to life; equally Jana’s divine cookery blog, launched a few months ago, is now thriving:

We can’t all be fashionistas. So what are you great at that will make your blog a hit?

#IWantToBeWorldClass: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to start a fashion blog, the only criteria is to think carefully about how you can stand out of an already saturated market place. Why not add another dimension to your blog, for instance if you love traveling consider injecting some posts about your escapades.

Above Everything

The most important factor in boosting your blog’s popularity overnight is to:

Stamp your personality all over it

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