6 Classic Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


Now we’ve all been there…

That moment when you unwrap your present at the speed of lightning…only to find the gift staring back at you, is the last thing you want! What else can you do but smile, through gritted teeth and politely say “Thank you” while hoping against hope, the provider will get the hint, you really yearned for something better else.

Getting it totally wrong happens to the best of us.

There are few instances, more disheartening than learning you’ve spent top d$llar on a gift, which is essentially useless. Whether you’re married, coupled up or single, we’ve compiled a go-to Holiday gift guide with a disclaimer, highlighting:

The underlying concept of a “classic” Holiday gift is the fact it’s timeless

Though you may not use it immediately, you’ll be thankful for the good deed later on. After all, this isn’t a random present with heaps of cash thrown at it, this is a thoughtful token of love, which will stand the test of time. If you have a partner who refuses to listen, drag them here, to read this:

For Him

Shirt & Tiegift ideas

A man’s shirt and tie combo is akin to a woman’s purse and shoes, he can never have enough. That said, the only homework you need to do, is figure out his neck measurements and cuff preferences, a single cuff (modern) or a double cuff (traditional). You’ll regret cutting corners, because a dirt-cheap shirt is easily detectable to the trained eye. Although there’s no need to spend a fortune, look out for the cotton count, as that will signify the quality of your purchase.

A tie is best selected in muted tones or a traditional palette, like navy, black, burgundy and brown. Patterned ties get a thumbs up too, because decoration always adds interest. However stay away from anything loud! Puh-lease. Unless you want your man looking crazy.

An Exquisite Pengift ideas

Quite simply a man with a vision needs a pen. Sounds old fashioned until you realize, in the business world, there are fewer status symbols. A pen makes a statement dahling, and tells the world he’s arrived. Moreover, a stylish pen separates the men from the boys. Whenever it comes to swag, the devil is in the detail, so as much as he may have the right watch, bag and wallet, whipping out a Biro just won’t cut it – sorry ladies! He needs a professional pen to match his professional image.

Men’s Fragrance

gidt idea

One of the most exciting feelings is being in the presence of a hot guy with a sexy fragrance. You know the type that lingers for seconds, after he walks past. To get that effect, invest in a Eau de  Parfum, not an Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Cologne because the latter two have less perfume compounds. He will need a product which lasts throughout the day, as no man wants to carry a fragrance.

Last Minute.Com: We’re tempted to say anything with an ‘I’ in front of it. Get it! However it’s safe to say, every man has a soft spot for a great gadget, that’s just how they’re programmed.  A good pair of headphones, a new game for his Playstation, or anything to make his friends drool will go down a treat.

For Her


gift ideas

#NoteToMen: Women love lingerie! A sexy, lacy bra and panties is similar to a hot fudge sundae – delicious to look at. Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than the right fitting undies.  Forget slutty, think feminine, classy, refined underwear in any color, as we have the skin tone to pull it off. What’s imperative, is to take note of the cup and back size of her bra, plus the size of her panties. Avoid S&M lingerie, and anything outlandish. After all she isn’t a porn star, she’s a wife!


gift ideas

We’re not talking diamond rings here, no, any classic, delicate, jewelry, will have a lady smiling wider than Santa at Christmas! Try buying matching earrings and a ring with a pendant or colorful stone. Or simply ask her and tell her your budget. There’s an array of exquisite jewelry for every wallet size, and there’s nothing like seeing your other half wearing it.

Make-up Brush Set

gift ideas

Make-up brushes are one accessory that can be overlooked….that is until you experience them yourself – and see the marked difference to your make-up application. Effortless, doesn’t even begin to describe the results, and they last a lifetime. A complete brush set maybe a bit of a stretch. So why not buy one brush as a starter: foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow, blending brush.

Last Minute.Com: Spoil her with spa vouchers, or a bag full of beauty products for the body. If you care for her, avoid buying a meal, at a nice restaurant, because that requires little effort. Endeavor to buy something exclusively for her.

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